How to start going to the gym

I always get asked how to to start going to the gym when you feel too concious.

And trust me we all have been there to an extent so I decided to write this blogpost as I have been in both sides of the fence: super fit and with a few more pounds on.

I really do hope this tips help you to take the decision to go in to exercise for your mind, or to be fitter or stronger.

#1 Myth: “When I go to the gym, I feel intimidated by the big muscly guys looking at me and thinking I’m not fit enough”

Reality: Trust me when I say this: Guys aren’t there to look at other girls guys are there to look at other guys! You might think I’m crazy but this is 100% true. They just want to compare themselves to the muscly guy next to them they couldn’t care less if you are fit or not!

#2 myth: “I feel like I won’t know how to use the machines and people will laugh at me for using them wrong!”

Reality: All gyms always offer a PT session when you join in, so instead of asking them for a routine as such ask them to show you how to use the machines. Alternatively, All machines have a very straight forward instruction drawing in them. Take your time, sit down look at the picture and follow through. Here is an example:

As you can see from picture, is very straight forward. So don’t be afraid. All machines are build to easy use. They wouldn’t take the chance to make them dangerous enough for someone to get an injury or hurt themselves

#3 myth: “I feel embarrassed to use a machine because I feel I don’t have a right to use it because I’m not fit enough”

Reality: nobody in the gym is ever fit enough. You are going to a gym with normal human beings that are all trying their best. Very unlikely anyone in there is an athlete and you are paying your membership you have the exact same right to use anything in there! You are going there to TRAIN to become fitter and stronger so it takes steps

#4 myth: “when someone else is using the machines I feel to embarrassed to get near and I end up just in the treadmill or doing nothing”

Reality: have your exercises ready and if someone else’s using the machine you want you just say: “hey do you have many sets left” if they say only one you wait if they say 3 you say: “you mind if I jump in in between your sets” nobody minds! I do this all the time with the big muscly guys and with the girl who’s there trying her best just like me

#5 Myth: “I feel when I get there I have no idea what to do”

Reality: As I said above when you join a gym, you get one or two free sessions if you don’t ask for them! The PT in there should help you started. If not this is what works for me:

I divide my muscles into groups according to the days I can workout. I try to do only 3 days of weights finishing off each session with 20 minutes run.

I do:

Mondays: legs

Tuesdays: arms and shoulders

Wednesdays: back and chest

So each day you get in you know exactly what to do. For example on Mondays you get your warmup on treadmill for 5-7 minutes then choose 5-6 exercises for legs and do 3-4 sets of 12 reps. And that’s your workout done.

And so on so forward with the rest of the days.

All the machines also points what muscles are you working out so you’ll know which ones to use on each day.

In less than a month you will be very familiar with all the machines in there and as you see results you’ll get very addicted to it

After I had Annabelle and I put on 4 stone I was a bit embarrassed to go back as I felt everyone was gonna be like omg she gain a lot of weight and I did. And maybe they did say that. Maybe they didn’t. But ultimately I’m back to normal and I bet that now they are like wow she did amazing.

My point is, everyone starts somewhere, even if is for the third or fourth time!

And I also I bet some of them don’t even remember if I was a little overweight. Everyone is there to mind their on business. EVERYONE in that room has insecurities and they are all there trying their best! So just join the gang. Put your earphones and get lost in your workout

Those endorphins at the end will get you hooked to the gym!

And when you see Results it becomes addictive!

If you’d like to my exact workout you can check the videos on my Instagram highlights IG: @ursulawalsh_ (I don’t think I have uploaded shoulders and chest yet) but if you have any questions let me know

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