Garmin Watch Review

I’m back with a review!

This time is all about my new watch that has caused a lot more interest than I thought it would.

I decided to get a smart watch to count my activity levels, steps, calories, be able to check my pace without my phone etc.

I asked on my Instagram and googled reviews myself. So I was after Fitbit Versa 2 and Garmin Watch. And I went for the second option!

Reasons that I went for the Garmin:

1. It has GPS built in so it would count your steps while pushing the buggy

2. Seemed to be more accurate when counting steps. So many people said the Fitbit over estimate the steps and distance is not accurate. For example same 5km route would count it some times as 4.5 sometimes 4.8 sometimes 5km

Apart from those 2 everything is extra for me. And here is what I love and I will post at the bottom what I don’t love about it.

What I love:

– I love it tells me what what my average resting and active calories

– I love the sleep routine that you can see in the app I. The morning it is interesting to see. For example here is mine last night:

Although I feel I sleep really deep and it detects it as light so not sure how accurate it is. For example if Annabelle cries during the night I never hear her. So I really think my sleep is deeper that this is saying

– It also detects your stress levels. Again is an overall view I don’t think is spot on accurate but interesting to see

– I absolutely love the fact it vibrates to tell you to move when you have been sitting for too long!

– When I turned on for the first time it came with a goal of 5k steps a day and 150 minutes of goal a week for workouts. I modified to 10k steps a day and I left the 150 minutes but I do more than that but you can adjust your goals to adjust to own routine

– I love the motivation it gives you to move and the little badges you get when you have get your goals. Or the badges for the first 5k then the fastest 5k and so on I think it really motivates you to get them!

– I love as well it gives you a goal of going upstairs at least 10 times a day! Is a brilliant little goal to keep you active through the day.

What I don’t like about this is if I go upstairs with Annabelle and I’m going up to slow it doesn’t detect I went upstairs but I always try to get my goal at the end of the day even if I have to go up and down at the end of the day

Also love that you can select from lots of activities before exercise I have only saved the 3 I do but it also has the option of cycling, swimming and lots other that I don’t remember. But is important you select your activity before you start so it can detect your time, pace, heart activity etc.

I also found out it gives you really good workout lot so if you are stock.

This is what I don’t love about it:

I don’t like that it doesn’t tell me the weather in degrees Celcius. Maybe I can change this but I haven’t been able.

Again, I don’t love the fact it doesn’t count the stairs some of the times if you go upstairs to slowly but sure this is minor. I’m just being picky here

I also don’t love the fact that I have to have my phone with me to play my music. I thought I’d be able to go for a run and leave the phone behind. But you can’t now in saying that I’m not sure if I ever want to leave the phone I’m always paranoid that if something happens to me I won’t be able to ring someone to help me (lol)

So I’m kind of ok with this but I’d like to have the option. I know there is a few models that are able to do this.

I don’t love the fact that when you do strength workout if you are doing reps with the other hand it doesn’t count them but sure that be impossible to do and you can edit them at the end and add your reps but I never bother.


Is a brilliant watch and I 100% reccomend it. I think that now a days we humans aren’t as active we are sitting down a lot on our phones, on the iPad, laptop etc.

The human body is designed to be in constant movement. Sometimes we forget and like to sit more than we should. This piece of activity tracker can really motivate you to get up and get moving!

Where did I buy?

I bought it in littlewoods Ireland and unfortunately it was sold out straight away but here is a few other links with Garmin Watches that does the same or even better than mine: (aff) exact same as mine just different colour (not aff)
Here is a link for my jacket in case anyone is Interested (aff)

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