My  name is Ursula Walsh and I am a qualified Health & Nutrition Coach. I am originally from Mexico but 9 years ago found the love of my life in Ireland which is the reason of why I am now living in Co. Offaly. (I’m practically Irish by now)

I started my  journey by changing my so unhealthy lifestyle as soon as I got pregnant. I stopped smoking, drinking too much wine to often and the 3 too many take aways a week along with all the junk with a cup of tea at night.

It all  started when after 2 pregnancies in a row I gained 5 stone. I documented part of my weight loss in my Instagram page which unintentionally got popular as a lot of woman identified with the weight loss and the every day perks of begin a mother of 2 beautiful boys.

My Instagram page leaded me to create my blog which main porpoise is to help anyone who needs that little kick to change your lifestyle!

My blog then became a bit of a success and I have been showcased in a lot of media outlets  with her weightloss story such as Independent.ie, Irish Mirror, Stellar Magazine, Xpose Magazine, Opsh.com, Best Magazine, Today fm, just to mention a few.

I want to empower everyone to follow a healthier lifestyle and I want to help everyone to feel happier with their bodies. I deeply believe that a good diet not only change the appearance of your body, also every time you eat or drink, you are either feeding disease or fighting it