My fitness journey

This is my first post! I guess is the most difficult to write. I just wanted my first post to be about my journey.  It hasn’t been easy. I don’t know why is it so hard to lose weight yet so easy to put it on! I’ve always been slim to be honest. But I am not one of those that eat whatever I wanted and never gained weight! I’ve always exercised a lot! And always been very active. I remember beign in secondary school and I was never picked up from school like the other girls. Always had to walk home with a very heavy back pack I guess it must’ve been about 10k of walk! Then I would come home to have a good healthy dinnner, big but healthy so obviously my metabolism has always been normal. I remember once going to visit a family member to the states for a few months and ate yes healthy! but afterwards a big chocolate every day after 2 months of this I put on so much weight and I was only 16 at the time where metabolism supposed to be at it’s fastest!  So this is just to prove that I don’t have the quickest metabolism.  I write this because people that know me surely will say “you lost weight because that’s your complexion” no is not! In my first pregnancy I was like ‘im eating for 2, whatever, I’m gonna enjoy my pregnancy” well ladies that’s the most lazy approach you can have. During pregnancy is when you have to eat the healthiest in your life! And that saying that you have to eat by 2 is a lot of you know what! You have to eat at max 500 calories more that is all. But my biggest downfall was after my baby was born! I was just so focused with breastfeeding that I forgot about myself completly I would sit down breastfeeding my baby all day, I had no help and I was exhausted (I know many of you can relate) I would get up and have a few chocolate digestive biscuits with a cup of tea for breakfast, chocolate for snack, a wrap with ham and a lot of chesse for lunch more chocolate during the day and at night I might had boil some potatoes and some chicken with it. So as you can see a very bad diet, no fruit, not enough vegetables and a lot of carbohydrates!  So by the time my baby was 3 months I was 85 kilograms! Whaaat? Yes! I started to go for walks and cut the chocolates and I went down to 75kg then joined the gym went down to 72 and here is when I got news I was pregnant again! Oh ffs! Yes it happened!  Ok now lets gets studying what the right way to eat to don’t make the same mistakes again! And this is where all my jorney started.

The picture on the left is 3 weeks after my second massive baby! I still look pregnant.  At the end of pregnancy I was 85 kg and in that picture I must be seventy something I cant tell for sure. Picture in the right is 6 months after my second baby was born and I was 59 in there! I have work very hard for it and I want to show that it can be done if you put yourself into it! I’m here to help and inspire many woman out there that doesn’t feel happy with their body, regardless if they have had kids or not! This page is gonna be full of information and tips to archive your results! If I can you can!

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