Facts About Fitness And Diets

Facts about fitness and diets:

  • 70 % of our body weight is water
  • Don’t wait until you are thirsty to drink water. When you feel thirsty is because you are already dehydrated and lost 1% of water
  • The fact that certain food is high in calcium doesn’t mean that its absorption level is high!
  • If you weight 60kg in earth you will weigh 160 in Jupiter
  • 30% of calories that are in protein are burn in digestion
  • For the body is the same a tablespoon of sugar than a slice of white bread
  • One can of frizzy drink has 12 spoon of sugar
  • Half a kilo of fat=3500 calories half a kilo of muscle: 600 calories
  • Fat and muscle weight the same but density is what differentiate them
  • 1 kg of fat doubles in space than 1 kg of muscle
  • Men uses carbs as energy to exercise, women uses more the fat. This is why men should consume more carbs that us. 
  • Men have more strength than women and we have more resistance and tolerance to pain
  • We burn more calories the 23 hours that we aren’t exercising than in the hour we actually do
  • Losing weight is not a fiscal dare is a mental one!
  • You can lose weight by eating oreo cookies as long as you have a calorie deficit. This means you could lose weight but not fat. 
  • BMI is never exact because it counts muscle max in it as well
  • A product just because it says it doesn’t have fat it doesn’t mean is not fattening. It may be very high in carbs
  • Just because it says Wholemeal or Brown doesn’t mean is healthy (brown bread: most of them are high in white flour)
  • When a product says its sugar free it might be because the removed the sugar but they replaced it with fat
  • Fat around our core won’t disappear by doing abs is burn by doing diet and cardio
  • is harder to gaining 5kg of muscle than it is to lose 5 kg of fat
  • Fat cells don’t disappear they just shrink
  • Being skinny doesn’t mean your body fat is low
  • 80% of people who start an exercise routine abandon it and 95%of people who lose weight gaining back due to lack of motivation don’t let this be you! maintaining your weight is the easiest part
  • The more muscle you have the more fat you burn. Just think of football players the eat A LOT there is documentary of how much they eat and their body fat is the lowest! because the DO WEIGHTS! they have muscle! 
  • When we get our period we can gain up to 3kg of weight. don’t let the cravings and emotions get you on this days.
  • Each gram of carbohydrate has 4g of water. A diet high in carbs would bloat you

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