Canellini Beans Health Benefits & Recipes

Cannellini beans are  one of the least glycemic beans, and this low GI rating is responsible for many of the health benefits of cannellini beans. The glycemic index is used to rank foods based on how they affect your blood sugar levels. When you eat foods with a high GI value (e.g. white bread, potatoes, and sugary breakfast cereals), you blood sugar will be sent up in a hurry as these foods break down with ease in the body. After peaking, the blood sugar levels drop dramatically. This volatility in blood sugar levels has been implicated in the etiology of many health problems such as insulin resistance and diabetes, increased sugar cravings, abnormal changes in mood, lack of energy, gain fat, hypertension and heart disease.
In contrast to high glycemic foods, low GI foods such as cannellini beans metabolize slowly, and provide steady energy for hours following their consumption. This in turn helps stave off cravings for sugary foods and control mood swings.

What’s more, foods with a low glycemic score can help you shed off pounds, especially around the waist. When the carbohydrates in your food prompt an increase in your blood sugar levels, a pancreatic hormone called insulin is secreted by the body. Insulin helps remove excess sugar from the blood by driving sugar into the body’s muscle and liver cells where it can then be used as energy or stored for later use. After consumption of a high GI meal, however, there is usually far more sugar in the blood stream than the liver and muscles can handle. To get rid of that extra glucose, insulin promotes its storage as fat in your body’s adipose (fat) tissues. By contrast, low GI foods such as cannellini beans do not cause large increases in blood sugar and insulin levels, resulting in little energy being stored as fat.

Cannellini beans have a detoxifying effect on the body & are supercharged with antioxidants

Cannellini beans are a goldmine of antioxidants which are molecules that provide numerous health benefits. Antioxidants are thought to protect your skin and the rest of your body from free radicals, destructive atoms that invade and damage cells. The destructive actions of free radicals have been linked to the development of a number of degenerative conditions and diseases. These include cardiovascular diseases, thrombosis, atherosclerosis, immune system problems, Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, certain types of cancer, diabetes, and even dementia.

Beans are belongs to the legume family which they are very high in protein but the are higher on their carbohydrates content so If you are trying to lose weight use this as your carbohydrate and don’t mix it with other carbs such as corn, bread, potato etc as this MIGHT sabotage your progress or goal.

100 grams of beans contain:
96 calories
0.6g of fat
12.5g of carbohydrates
7.1 g of protein
6.3 grams of fibre

You can buy cannellini beans in a can or else you can buy bean as it is and prepare them yourself which involves soaking them over night and boiling them with water for about and hour and half in a low temperature. Either way this beans are very healthy. If you buy canned ones make sure they are in water. No salt, not oil, no sugar or other ingredients added.
You can prepare loads of recipes with this beans here is a few examples:
Bean salad: simply heat up a sauce pan and sauté some vegetables such as onion, red peppers and add parsley. Add beans and serve either warm or cold. Delicious, add sea salt and black pepper.
Bean soup: Theres is a lot of recipes for bean soup but my favourite is beans and chorizo. You simply sautee onions, garlic, peppers and tomato. Add beans and cover up with water. Once boiling add stock cube or spices and bring heating down. Add previously fried chorizo and plenty of herbs such as parsley or coriander. Delicious and very warming.
Beans Burger: This burgers are so yummy and easy to make. You just have to blend beans adding onion, garlic, herbs, celery, carrot, peppers. Blend everything as it is. It paste is too thick then add a drop of water. Form burgers and into the grill or cook on the sauce pan.
Chocolate protein Balls: Great recipe I have for this. Head over to my Instagram to check it out. Will do and post today.  If you don’t follow me on instagram follow me as: @momfitnessdiary

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