A Lidl Bit Of Magic

As many of you know from my Instagram I attended the press day for Lidl where they presented their Deluxe line for this Christmas. This collection of food is so affordable and it is very high quality. So as I’ve say before Christmas is a month to enjoy in moderation so don’t sabotage the progress you have made all year. But don’t limit yourself neither. Is a month to enjoy, so here you are going to find foods that you know I don’t usually eat but this December I like to enjoy and don’t feel limited. I will be giving advice on my Instagram and Facebook page as we go along to maintain more or less a healthy lifestyle without feeling deprived of anything. In the meantime I hope you enjoy this post. The problem is you will probably feel hungry at the end of this. SO if you have a Lidl shop near you go and get all this yummy stuff.

This sea food packs are AMAZING! my second favourite product of the night. They come pre packed and the nutritional values are on point. This is one of those foods that will help us maintain a healthy lifestyle all this salmon, prawns, claws and all type of fish are super healthy. That smoked salmon can confidently say is one of the best I’ve ever try. For having friends over, for during the day served with a nice salad it will be a basic in your kitchen this Christmas. Plus prices are so affordable, the small packets were all around €2.99 or so. So if you are looking for a GOOD QUALITY smoked salmon this deluxe one from Lidl is the one to go for..
Obviously the turkey was the main guest. Look at that piece of protein. How delicious does it look? well it does tastes as good as it looks. Meat is very lean, and as you can see it doesn’t shrink when cooked so it is a good piece of meat. And a medium piece of turkey is only €12.99 
This crackers along with the cured meats form next picture where my NUMBER ONE favourites of the night! OMG! those crackers were AMAZING! honestly! If you been reading my blog for a while I posted that we had friends over from Scotland a few weekends ago and I intended to go to Lidl to buy this crackers to put on the table but I was tight with time and I said to myself: “sure Tesco must have something as good” well I Bought 3 different types of crackers in Tesco (expensive ones) and nothing but NOTHING to do with this crackers. It was so hard to stop eating them they were so good! So for a starter or if you have people over don’t think it twice!
This meats above were the star of the night in my opinion along with the cheeses and the crackers. This starter in the middle of the table is without a doubt is a winner. The best part of this is that they sell the FULL LEG of ham and is HUGE and so impressive in any table to cut it there and then. Seriously you have to try it, I felt in love with that idea. I have to have a wine night with friends and have that big leg of cured hams, few good wines and of course the crackers and the different irish chesses that are in the below picture:

This 4 different types of wine were offered to taste and once I taste them all I choose my favourite one and the wine expert told me: “oh you must like expensive stuff, because that one is the most expensive one” We had a great laugh about that hahaha. Any way it was the third one in there I can’t really see the name of it but surely you can find it with the picture. If you are looking for an affordable wine which is a high quality go for this one they were all around €10. I am an expert in wine (I took a course years ago) so please trust me this wine was amazing.

The presentation of this fruit cake is adorable. To be honest I am not a fan of fruit cake whatsoever so I can’t give you an honest opinion about it as I have try home mades ones, expensive ones, all type and I am not a fan so I will let that to yourself to judge.

Mince pies were delicious. Pastry was on point and the mince mixture inside was very good. You can buy those in little boxes of 6 which for me are the best because if you bake them you have to make 12 as a minimum and you end up eating more so I prefer to buy a small box of this, have a little treat and  keep the temptation away. But definitely a very good dessert. They had a homemade taste to it.

I didn’t taste this spreads but they look very tempting to me. hahaha

This chocolates were delicious guys. A cheap yet high quality chocolates, perfect gift and stocking fillings. I mean who would like a box of this?

You want to save time in the kitchen? This chocolate garnache cups will sort you out. Perfection in a glass. I will be writing a blog about my 10 favourite healthy products from Lidl which will help us to maintain a healthy life style for the month of December.

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