How to get in shape for an event or holidays?

First of all I want to share the story of my dress. I spent quit a long time looking at dresses to try to get what I wanted. When I say this dress on I completely fell in love with it. It kind of looked like the dress Kim K wore on her hen (bachelorette party) from Balmain. 
So after I spent a few days convincing husband to get it (it was a bit too expensive) I did got it. The website advised to buy a size bigger as dress is s very small fit. But after killing myself on the gym the last year, making sacrifices on foods etc I was like: “I’m no getting a size 10 sure I’m fit, sure I’ve been very hungry of fatty foods so for sure will get into size 8, if not I exchange it”…
Well dress arrived in a beautiful box, tried on that day and what happened? zipper wouldn’t go up. NOOOOOO! WHAAAT? zipper would not even close? that is crazy small! what am I going to do? and hubby in the back: ” come on you won’t be comfortable, you won’t loose weight you look already good, you better exchange it before the 28 days given as Im not losing the money, bla bla bla”…
Well at that point I was like I’m after loosing a lot of weight! can I lose more? Will I have the will power to do it? The truth is I wanted to be comfortable on the day so decided I was gonna exchange it for size 10. When I went back to do so, the dress was sold out on all sizes. *crying face* 
So husband was like, get the refund and get a different dress. NO! I wanted that one! So decided to put all the discipline in the next 6 weeks to fit into the dress! so I did it, I made it and here is what I did to do so, so maybe some of my tips will help you get into that bikini or dress soon!
(dress is from a brand called Needle & Thread and although is sold out, you’ll fin very similar ones either on net-a-porter or asos)
– First of all I reduced my carbohydrates to twice a day the first few weeks, once the last few.
– drank 2-3 litters of water
– exercised 4 to 6 times a week: which involved 3 times Kaylas guide (resistance exercises) the rest running 5 kilometres
– Be consistent
– Have snacks! If you don’t have snacks you will be hungry and give up.
– one cheat meal a week first few weeks. No cheat meal the previous 2 weekends before the wedding.
– Did the tiny tea teatox for 14 days which helped me with bloating immensely. This tea is awesome when preparing for an event. Have in mind this tea is not magic potion, it only assist you as long as you put the hard work yourself.
-Used the wait trainer for full 6 weeks and lost 3 inches of my waist. I know many of you will think that It only happened because I was cutting calories and exercising. But the waist trainer is not just about losing weight! Is about helping you to keep everything in position. You do feel very confident wearing it!

Also I have read a lot of stories saying it would hurt your organs. Well this would only happen if you are a size 16 and buy a size 12 and really squeeze yourself into it. I you buy your own size it works as a belt, keep fat in place and give you sensation of a flat tummy.

Although I would not wear it at all times for ever, just when going somewhere to keep tummy in or a few weeks before an event. 

The only exercise I personally recommend to do with it is walking at a fast pace or light weights. Anything heavier do it with the comfort of freedom so you do your exercises properly


Here are the meals I had when trying to fit into the dress:


 Scrambled eggs with vegetables:
2 eggs
1 tomato
4 mushrooms


A lot of vegetables with protein: chicken or any type of fish


1 banana
1 tablespoon of peanut butter
1 coffee

Protein (chicken or any type of fish)
A big plate of vegetables 
in this picture I have salmon, crispy kale, broccoli and carrots
Late night snack:

handful of almonds.
This is the tiny tea teatox I did and you can order from:

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