Healthy Weekly Shopping List

So I have been getting a few e-mails asking me about posting a weekly shopping list. 
So here it is! You Can Print this and use it as a template. Obviously A LOT of the things on the list aren’t to buy weekly like beans, lentils, couscous stuff like that is handy to always have in the press to try new recipes and do different things  aiming to eat healthy 80-85% of the time. 
And for example I find that having cans of tuna and couscous are a must when you would not bother cooking. Couscous is ready in 2 minutes and no saucepans needed! you simply boil water, pour it over it and open a can or tuna add a few chopped raw vegetables and you have a great meal in 5 minutes! 
So make sure you re-fill this type of things as you go. 
There is a few vegetables or fruits that I didn’t include because I might just buy them if they are in season. But doesn’t mean that just because they aren’t on the list I don’t eat them.
Things like pitta bread and wholemeal wraps I don’t buy weekly but I always keep in the freezer in case I want a pitta on my salad or to prepare a chicken wrap. I store them individually to reach for just the ones I need and I thaw the pittas in the toaster and the wraps in the microwave. I put them into zip log bags and into the freezer.
I hope this becomes handy for your weekly shopping to use as a guide. With this ingredients in your press will be very easy for you guys to put a lot of recipe together when you are craving something sweet like my granola bars or my protein balls. 
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