Paleo Whey Protein Review from Supreme Nutrition

Hi guys. I have been trying this whey protein in the last few weeks to see how good it is so here is my review:

First of all lets point some nutritional facts about this protein:

It’s free of lactose which is very good for those who are intolerant to lactose as most whey proteins contain lactose.

Is sugar free which is why it makes it paleo. As sugar is a carbohydrate makes this protein very lean. Although is free of sugar is sweetened with Steviol which is a natural chemical which makes Stevia (the plant) sweet. Therefore the sweetener on this would be 100% natural.

Many whey proteins out there are packed with fats as the contain lactose so this protein has CERO fat! which is a win if you what you are looking for is to lean up!

Now, the calories are only 108 per scoop which is amazing as calories are very low so perfect to add to smoothies as usually smoothies are low protein.  Also the flavour is very subtle for this reason this protein is a must have if you are a smoothie lover.

The flavour I have is orange twist. It is very subtle. Taste it is not very strong so here it depends how strongly flavoured do you like your protein shake. If you like it very strong then you might not like this or if you like the flavour to be more subtle then you will love it.

Also a very important note it has 23grams of protein which is perfect to drink after a workout. Any protein with less than 20 grams of protein is not good.

Price wise is reasonable. It is 52 euros for 2kg tube. It does last for about 5 weeks and for the quality of the protein price is really good.

Now, here is a little recipe of a mango and strawberry protein smoothie I made this:

– 250ml of almond milk
– 1 mango
– 1 cup of strawberries
– 1 scoop of Supreme nutrition paleo protein
– 2 tablespoons of almond butter

Blend with a few cubes of ice and enjoy cold for a perfect breakfast on the go or a high protein snack.

You can buy this protein on:

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