Meal Prep For The Weekend: Key For Success

Hi guys. As you all know I’m all about meal prep for the week and specially weekends! It just gives you so much freedom to have everything ready. You just literally just go to the kitchen and heat up you healthy meal and that’s all. Without obviously forgetting to have your cheat meal which is essential!

It just takes about and 1:30 hour to have all ready for Saturday and Sunday and you will be less likely to cheat. And have more time to chill back and relax!

So here it is what I have above:

In the first round bowls I have chopped up mushrooms, tomato and onion to make an omelette for Saturday and Sunday Morning. I will be having an apple with that and of course my cup of coffee!

The second rectangle plates are my lunches for both days. 1 piece of chicken, 1/2 cup of rice cooked and a salad. I don’t store it together like in the picture. (I keep the salad in a separate container and add tomato, onion and yellow pepper)

Then for the evening snack I will be having a banana with peanut butter for both days:

Then the third bowl contains my evening meal which is salmon, sautéed spinach and mushrooms with some stemmed broccoli and carrots. One of those bowls is for today Friday and the other one is for Sunday night as Saturday is my cheat meal and we will be ordering some Italian which I can’t wait to have.

I keep everything with lids or clean film in the fridge and just microwave for 2 minutes or into the oven for 10 and eat. I hope this help and gives ideas to someone out there who finds difficult to be healthy over the weekend.

Me as a mother of 2 find it so easy and archivable to do given I want to spend time with family, do the grocery shopping, go visit friends and just be able to come home and have my meals ready is heavenly!

I will also might bake a healthy batch of oats cookies in case the hunger hits I have something sweet and healthy to reach for so be tuned for recipe on next post.

Don’t forget to have at least 2 cups of green tea and 2-3 litres of water a day!

I also made the boys dinners and some banana pancakes for their tea.

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