Guys, I’ve been trying these shorts for the past few weeks and I can finally write my thoughts on them. So, I would like by starting with the fact that EVB Sport is an Irish owned company. It started when Yvonne, mother of two, realised that after having two kids she couldn’t work out the same as before, due to post-pregnancy pelvic weakness that happens to all of us, but can be difficult to talk about.

Yvonne designed the shorts to help other mothers out there to feel confident and more comfortable when exercising, to recover their bodies after giving birth! She was actually on Dragons Den which she won in 2014.

The shorts have a triple-layer fabric that really helps to make you feel pulled in, but at the same time very comfortable!

So, this is what the shorts do:

  • You get an amazing abdominal support, due to the high waisted shape that not only keeps your tummy in place, it keeps it in! You definitely get “pulled up & in” during any hard exercises.
  • If you suffer from bladder leaks, or even if you are having your period, it will keep your pad in place and because of the sewings of the shorts nobody will ever notice you are wearing one!
  • The shorts genuinely give you a very nice figure. I feel more confident wearing them. Bum up!
  • The tightness of the shorts not only give you a nice support for your tummy but also to your lower back, especially if you suffer from lower back pains!
The shorts only come in black which is obviously a pity as I think they would look awesome with different colours and patterns. But at the same time you can never go wrong with black!
When I first got my pair I thought that the stitch lines of the shorts would be noticeable when wearing them, but they are not. They are extremely comfortable and give you a very nice shape.
They retail at €59.95 and you can get them on: http://evbsport.com

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