Sweet Healthy Pizza

Sweet Healthy Fun Pizza
I made this little treat as an activity with my 2 boys. They had so much fun decorating the pizza and eating half of the fruit before the fruit actually made it on the pizza!
But is healthy, is fun and is full of goodness for the whole family.
Even if you don’t have any kids you can make this for a little light and healthy dessert after lunch or dinner or something to have when you have friends over.

Ingredients for the base:

Simply blend the ingredients patiently until mix is smooth and press it down on a circular mould.
Set the base in the fridge for a few hours or in the freezer for 30 min.

For the “Sauce”:

Mix 4 oz. of cream cheese and 3 0z. of greek yogurt. I used coconut greek yogurt for an extra coconut flavour. Although you can use plain greek yogurt and add a bit of coconut to the mixture.
To add a bit of sweetness I added a squeeze of sweet freedom which it can be substituted for honey.

The toppings:

Chop any fruit you have in the house. I used kiwis, strawberries, blueberries and I had banana but it didn’t make it on top as kids ate it before hand! (lol)

Put it together and enjoy:

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