Irish spring rolls

I called them Irish spring rolls because of the cabbage. I suppose they would be more irish if we refill them with some bacon and mash potato! I mean how yummy would that be? This recipe is 100% clean and so simple!

But anyway this ones are refilled with chicken and veg! Topped with my sauce which will be soon out for sale. I will give details soon.

So I sautéed a bit of onion, a carrot and a yellow pepper. I had chicken breast grilled from yesterday.  So today I blended it  until all like cut very tiny. Added it to the sautéed veg. Had water boiling at this stage and added the cabbage leaves for only 3 or 4 minutes,  took them out refilled them with the mix and that was all. Served with quinoa and veg.

One thought on “Irish spring rolls

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