10 biggest mistakes that are common when going to the gym

10 biggest mistakes that are common when going to the gym:

1. Skipping your warm up. This is a big mistake as your muscles need time to adapt to your training. Before doing weights always do 10 to 15 min of cardio.

2. Not cooling down at the end. After intense training you need to bring down the heart beat before you live.

3. Stretching muscles when you are cooled (instead of warming up) you can easily led yourself to an injury or damage your strength

4. Lift heavy weights fast or too light. If you lift a weight that your body can’t handle you can injure yourself badly. You have to lift a weight that allow you to do 10 to 15 reps. If you can do more than 15 reps then you are not lifting enough. Push yourself! You should be lifting the last 2 reps with a lot of effort!

5. The ones that want to do a long work out in only 2 days. To have better definition, lose fat, grow muscle whatever it is your goal you have to exercise 4 times a week as a minimum

6. Don’t drink water until feeling thirsty. Big mistake! Keep yourself hydrated through the day, before your training and after training!

7. Bad posture during exercises! If you have a bad posture during any exercise most likely is not gonna work and you can injure your self!

8. Resting long periods in between series. The max you can rest is 30 to 60 seconds if you are looking to burn fat and get strong. Guys that are lifting really heavy to gain muscle could rest for max 2 min.

9. Doing 1 or 2 hours of cardio thinking they are gonna burn more fat. Huge mistake! Is not about the time is about the intensity! You don’t need to do more than 30 to 45 minutes. If you do more than that you will start to lose muscle, metabolism will be slower and you will be looking flaccid.

11. Wear wrong clothes and footwear! I honestly can’t understand this one. I see girls running with converse on the treadmill omg it kills me! You might as well run with your bear foot! Running runners give you support you need. Running is a high impact exercise if you don’t wear proper footwear your joints are going to be hugely affected!

BONUS: please don’t wear make up!  If you really exercise and end up cover in sweat you face will become  like a the icing on a cake. When I do cardio I keep rubbing my face to clean the sweat. I cant imagine how would I look rubbing my face like that with make up on. Ew!

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