chickpeas burgers

Chickpeas burgers

If you have been following me for a while you know now I do my weekly shopping on saturdays so on fridays I always get very stock on food! But today I really didn’t have anything left so I had to get really creative on what to cook for dinner so I had a can of chickpeas in the press and came up with this idea and honestly was a successful idea as hubby LOVED them!

So here is the recipe for those 5 burges (2 portions)

1 can of chickpeas in water
1 onion chopped
Handful of parsley (I have a herb garden so I use fresh parsley)
1 slice of wholemeal bread
Sea salt and black pepper

I boiled the can of chickpeas for a few minutes and then throw the water. I put in the blender the slice of bread and blended until crumbs add chickpeas and parsley and blend again all together. Sauté the onion and once ready mix in a bowl with the chickpeas mix add the sea salt and black pepper and mix well with a spoon and then form the burger and place them in the pan where you sautéed the inion and cook them for a few minutes just to set. I served mine just with salad because chickpeas and bread are obviously carbs so I didn’t want to have more carbs but I served hubbys ones with brown rice and salad.

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