Did you drink too much last night?

Did you drink too much last night?

Do you feel like you were ran over by a bus? Well I believe we all been there! And if you are trying to be healthy it feels even worst as you might want to eat the entire fridge or on the other hand just eat nothing all day.

So here is a few tips on the best that you can do:

1. Hydrate yourself! After drinking a lot of alcohol you will be dehydrated and this is the main reasson for feeling hangover. Drink a lot of water or infused water with ginger, if your hangover is severe drink a sport drink like gatorade which is high in sodium so it will help you retain a bit of liquid so you will feel hydrated!

 2. Miso soup. This Japanese dish helps liver to recover after a drunken night and will help you to detox. Is high in vitamin B2, B12, and E so this help to make tummy feels better! So run to your nearest Japanese restaurante for some of this.

3. Eat carbohydrates as soon as you open your eyes: toast. Banana, honey, oats etc. When you eat this your liver elevates glucose in blood, and as liver is very busy trying to digest the alcohol, carbos will help liver to do this and will help you feel better

4. Avoild any medicines. This is very hard on your liver. Alcohol is already too heavy to be processed! If you throw medicines in top of this is not good for your health. Keep it natural!

5. The best cure: don’t drink in excess! Drink in moderation! 1 drink per hour! Your body digest 1 drink in about an hour! If you drink too fast this will means you are just gonna have a very drunken night! And always try to eat before heading out a meal high in good fats and protein! Cheers! Slainte!

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