How to stay in track in those days?

How hard is for us girls to keep in track when our period arrives? The anxiety is at it pick and you just feel like crying, in bad form, in pain, unconfortable and whishing (or probably doing it) eating all you cravings!

Then when all this horrible hormons goes away we feel so guilty for drinking and eating what we shouldn’t have! Ok heres a few tips to stay in track with our healthy lifestyle in those days that is the hardest.

• exercising and resting are just as important as one another! I know that the idiea of stepin outside or on a treadmill is just horrific but exercising really help to give you some energy and produces endorphins to help you have a better mood, fact  that you will feel better with yourself!  

● you might even suffer from insomnia due to change of  hormon levels this is why is very good for you to rest during these days, recharge your batteries and exercising,  and as well as resting will make you feel good. Take a warm bath and drink a ginger tea before you go to bed this might help to have a better sleep and the ginger tea will take any nausea that you might feel away

● The things that you crave the most in this days are the worst ones to have: wine, coffee, chocolates and ice cream. Wine will make you very bloated and if you already are bloated you will just feel worst. Coffee will irritate you and cause more cramps, and probably just make you store water weight.  Chocolates and ice cream will just give you more cramps and make you feel fat which is gonna lead to depression along with the bloating which is gonna impulse you go “f* this i already ate so much so i might as well eat this or that” to eat even more which is gonna lead you to gain unnecessary weight and thats the last thing you need it. So to avoid this cravings eat food rich on potassium as the lack of this vitamin is the one who give us those anxiety and cravings so bananas and a nice tomato salad will help!

● If you are in pain take pain killers!  Your hormons are already driving you crazy!  You probably already shouted to you kids, mom, boyfriend husband or whatever  because  of your bad mood and you already feel bad to as well feeling pain! Even if the pain is little just take something!

●keep yourself hydrated!  You retain more liquid on this days, this is why if you weighted yourself in these days you might have gained a few pounds which is ok because you will loose them after the few days are over  if you keep in track. And drinking water will help to flush your system.

● the last but most importantly: eat healthy! This will help you feel better, no guilt afterwards no need to over workout trying to burn the extra calories.  Once those days are over you will forget all about it and you will still be on track and feeling good. If you eat a little bit of ice cream with a pizzza and a bottle of wine you will feel dirty, fat and sad oncee this is over. Those foods just will give you temporary good feeling.  Eating healthy and feeling good with yourself will be a long lasting feeling!

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