oats & banana pancakes plus some monday motivation!

Oats & banana pancakes + some Monday motivation

Good morning everyone!  My usual breakfast during the week is this. Weekends I always have an  omelette or nice scrambled eggs weekends with hubby.

This breakfast is so complete, and it makes you feel very full so will help from binding during the day!Well how was your weekend?

Did you had such a tough week last week that this  weekend you completely didn’t have head to be conscious on what you ate?  or as simple as you didn’t want to feel hungry?

Those thing that you read: “dont count calories,  count nutrients” is a lot bs! You will never lose weight if you don’t count calories! So unfortunately you will feel hungry when trying to loose weight, you have to eat less that you already do. If you are use to eat 6 eggs then you only eat 2 of course you are gonna feel it. So mind your portions and star again! (If someone is interested I am making individual weight loss 4 weeks plans as I give you the exact count calories for each week, shopping list etc. For 50 euros for the whole month. I can only do 4 a week as it is a lot of work. I already have 2 booked for this week. If you want more details mail me to: myfitnessdiary@outlook.com)

We can all feel into those days and then feel horrible and bloated and down. So you can either feel sorry for yourself and keep eating bad continuously or you can get yourself together and start again!

I want you to realize that not because you cheated it means that everything is done! All the opposite you get up and keep going and try and try until you change your habits, get to your goal and once you have your goal be able to eat more, enjoy more and be happy with your body!

So the choice is yours!

 Recipe for pancakes:Mix in a bowl 1/2 a cup of oats, one banana, 3 egg whites, 1 teaspoon of each: flaxseed, cinnamon and vanilla extract. Mix or blend very well. And spoon mix into a heated and slightly oiled pan. Wait a few minutes before you turn them or else they will break. Serve with peanutbutter on top and some frozen berries or fruit of your choice! You can use maple without sugar instead of peanut butter!

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