Which are the best carbohydrates?

Best carbohydrates to lose fat or keep your body defined. Why? Because they are full of nutrients and they help to control insulin levels in your blood. The gold rule is to measure them! Half a cup is the right amount when trying to lose fat! It has to be measured with a baking cup! When to eat them? Well just ask yourself the following question: what am I doing the next 3 or 4 hours? If your answer is: I will be active eat them! If your answer is: sit down to watch tv or go to sleep then don’t eat them! And instead eat protein and vegetables and good fats!S o here is the list of the best carbs:

1. Brown rice: is a complex carbohydrate. Is the unrefined version of white rice this is why it has way more nutrients. 1 cup of rice has 80% of the recommended amount of magnesium you should eat every day, is high in fiber, calcium, antioxidants, free of its glycemic index is low.

2. Oats: this cereal is very gentile in our digestive system, is high in protein and fiber. Low glycemic index and low in calories

3. Quinoa: this grain has all the essential amino acids, is an excellent addition to your diet, specially for vegetarians very high in fiber, is a super food. Include it in your diet!

4. Sweet potato: low glycemic index. Is better than normal potato. Is high in antioxidants, fiber and potassium!

5. Strawberries/blueberries/etc. All berries are one of the best fuits of there when you are looking to lose fat! Low in calories and sugar! And very high in vitamin C and fiber.

6. Apple. Green or red they are all good. Is so high in fiber that control your hunger and help you feel very satisfied! They work as an antioxidant as well!

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