why are men happier than woman?

Why are men so happy?
– they pass their last name on to their families
– they own the shed, garage and back garden
– wedding preparation is not a worry
– they can eat chocolate. All the chocolate they want!
-they don’t get pregnant
– wrinkles add personality
– they pee standing up- nobody looks at their boobs when talking to them
– new shoes don’t hurt
– telephone calls last 30 seconds
-they only need one bag for a five day vacation
– they can open all flasks
– if someone come to a party dressing the same they laugh at each other and can become friends
– hot wax would never be a dangerous zone for them
– they can eat a banana or ice cream in public
– if someone forget to invite them somewhere that someone can still be his friend
–  their ass is not an asset when getting a job
– they interior clothes are €3 in a pack of 3
– 3 pairs of shoe are more than enough
– they can use the same hair style for years, decades or even for life
 – most of them have to only shave their face
– they can wear shorts independently of how their legs look like
– they can choose if they want a moustache or not
– if they have belly they still eat whatever they want
– they buy christmas presents on christmas eve in half an hour
– they don’t have to drive to the next gas station because in this one toilets are dirty
– they can watch tv for hours with a friend in complete silence without thinking: ‘is he mad at me?’
– god bless the lucky bastards!

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