Meal Preparation: An Important part of weight loss journey

Many of you I’m sure you have read or seen other doing “meal prep” but you always wonder what is it? why do they do it? and how is it done? well here is a few tips that might help you understand it better and most importantly help you to lose that unwanted fat in your body.

Meal preparation is essential when either losing weight or trying to live a very healthy lifestyle. I mean many of you work and even the stay moms work even harder. The house jobs are endless! So when you are organised everything works perfect.

So first of all you have to decide what are you going to eat for the week. Make you menus and your weekly shop list. When you go shopping make sure you buy enough tippers to store all your food.

As you can see in picture above I have little containers for my toddler and my baby so that is so easy to store they healthy dinners and then freezing them. In those I made a full dinner with chicken, onion, carrot, broccoli, sweet corn and peppers. I mashed up for my little toddler and blend a bit more for my baby.

The reason you should do meal prep is because this will help you from binging and eating what you shouldn’t eat. So for example you wake up and eat your oats then in the middle of the morning you are like “oh I’m hungry i am jus going to grab a few nuts” but those nuts weren’t enough so you go and grab some fruit, biscuits, yogurt, etc. Then you have your dinner (small enough dinner because you were already full from all the binging earlier) then mid evening snack comes along you are starving because your dinner wasn’t enough. Your baby has waken up. Hubby is nearly home for dinner, the phone is ringing your toddler pull out the nappies box. Barney is playing full volume in the background and while you are doing all that your tummy is just screaming to you: “feed meeeeeee!” so you go boil some water make some tea have some toast and as you didn’t plan you just buttered the toast and that was yummy but not very healthy and have had already so many unnecessary calories that aren’t going to help you archive your goal. Then you have your tea, but as you felt bad for all the binging you only had a sale to compensate the bad snacks, perfect! then you go out for a little walk come back home sit down to watch tv then your tummy again: “What are you like? feed me again” then your mind start playing tricks on you: “oh i went for a walk I supousse I can have this little chocolate with my culpa, then this taytos, yummy it feels good maybe a little more”.

This is what happens when you don’t plan. Now this is what happen when you do plan: Wake up, have breakfast, then in the middle of the morning: “I am hungry what is my next snack? oh yes some fruit and peanut butter for example” you eat it, you are full then you realise is only 11 o clock in the morning and you don’t have to cook dinner because you have it prepared already so you can go for a good walk or a run then come home and have a good lunch, you have your snack and your tea you feel good you were good all day, now you have time to do some video on you tube to help you burn fat or go the gym, a class or whatever you like then come home and have you last healthy snack. Still eating all day but planned. Keep doing this for a few week then you realise your jeans are too big on you!

So chose a day on when are you going to do your meal prep. I do it twice a week so I only prepare food for 3 days (except  for the boys I cook the whole week in one day). So this is an example: Get up, have breakfast and then wash your chicken and stick it to grill. Meantime put your vegetables to boil. While list wash your spinach and lettuce and leave some ingredients for your salad chopped up: tomato, cucumbers, grated carrots etc. So you can put together your salad straight from the fridge. Prepare dressings and leave in fridge. You can cook your meat for the whole week and freeze half of it.

So plan ladies! As that old quote says: “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail” -Benjamin Franklin

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