How to get your fitness going?

I have come across a lot of people that tells me: “I don’t have money for the gym” “eating healthy is very expensive” “I don’t have time” and numerous of different excuses, then I go into my Instagram page or Facebook and is the exact same people who posted a little Chanel shopping bag or a picture of their new dress, shoes, then on the weekend a lot of “selfies” parting. After that, when weekend is over they feel bloated, broke and overweighted. Monday comes and they star a new diet, by Thursday they back on eating more than they should and by Friday they are texting friends asking whats the plan for the weekend. And there it goes again!

Life is all about choices and is up to you to take the right decision on what is best for your body. You can go and chose a chocolate, a bag of crisps, or you can go and have a bit of fruit instead. The point is be happy with the consequenses of those decisions. Don’t get those those consequenses get you down because it was all your own choices. If you decide to be unhealthy then be unhealthy and be happy with that. If you decide to change your lifestyle then change around completely like I did.

I think I have said it many times, I have never been like this healthy before. I became like this when I gained so much weight. When I could say I had an addition for food and constant hunger.

Your body will be with you for ever! that handbag inside your wardrobe will stay there and it won’t avoid doctors and illnesses. but begin healthy will.

I want to say that begin healthy is not equal to look like a Victoria Secret’s Model. Being healthy is replenish your body with natural foods, being fit and having a lot of energy. That what good food and exercise provides you.

So what to do to start a healthy lifestyle? first of all find out what is your goal:
– Losing weight?
– Being healthy?
– Geting fit?
– Geting muscles?
– Stay the same weight but be healthier?

Then think to yourself what do I need to archive that? First of all if you want to be fitter you have to start exercising. Think of some activity that you enjoy! there is no way you should you something that you don’t like. Although trying different things that you might think you won’t like them, you might end up loving them. I use to hate running now I love it. It feels so good when I finish running.
So sign up for some classes, the gym or even start going for walks. But it is important that every 4 weeks you step up a level. For example if you were going for 3k walks in 30 minutes then make sure you do 5k in 30 minutes. Slowly get better and better. If you star lifting weights at the gym with dumbbells that are 2kg then in 4 weeks make sure you step it up to 4kg, etc.

Get your fitness clothing ready:

– Runners are basic. If you don’t have good runners you won’t  perform the same. Your feet should be in a comfortable position for any activity that you are doing. I have seen girls running with converse or other very flat cheap runners and it kills me, you can completely ruin your knees, joints etc. For me Asics are best.
– For ANY activity that you do you need a sports bra. There is NO WAY you could run fast enough without a sports bra. Ive seen girls that start running with the boobs bouncing and their positioning and form is terrible because they are so conscious of it.
– Set small targets: for example by the end of the month I should be losing 2kg, 4kg, whatever it works best for you so week by week you can do adjustments to your exercise or diet
– Join the gym or choose what is going to be the activity that you will be doing and stick to it.
– Have a plan! don’t do a few exercises here and a few there, set up a meal and an exercise program! that is key for success
-Stay focus and don’t expect to see results every week. Some weeks will be amazing other weeks will be terrible. When I was losing weight some weeks I would lose a lot another ones I would even gain a few grams and it feel horrible, but think what you did wrong and correct it

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