Good Fats In Your Diet

Some people think that to lose fat you have to avoid fats but this statement is false. In general the accumulated body fat comes from an excess of carbohydrates that contains a high glycemic index like white flours and sugar.

Our body needs good fats to stay healthy plus they are a source of energy alternatively to carbohydrates and fats don’t elevate insulin level in the body once consumed as carbohydrates does. If you consume fats in a smart way they can be your friend when trying to lose weight.

Fats help to have a better function of your hormones and hormones control absolutely everything. As well as that fats help with that anxiety we feel when we feel hungry when doing a reduced calorie diet  and they reduce glucose levels in our blood.

Always chose the good fats like: coconut oil, olive oil, seeds, nuts, avocado, salmon etc. Stay away of processed products and all bad fats like deep fried food, fast food, donuts, cupcakes etc. And very importantly avoid lactose products with exception of greek yogurt which is low in fat and high in proteins.

Always measure your fats. By saying all this I am not telling you to go crazy on the fats. All in moderation, for example if you added olive oil as a dressing in your salad, don’t add avocado. Don’t eat almonds direct from the bag and end up eating more than you should, eat only a handful. If you eat peanut butter eat only a tablespoon a day, etc.

In general, you can consume 40 to 60 grams of fats a day. So calculate this way: imagine a tablespoon of olive oil contains 14g of fat, a tablespoon of peanut butter around 9g, a handful of nuts 14 g so you can add up from there.

Many studies show that a diet low in carbs and high-moderate in fats along with good proteins is ideal to lose weight and stay in shape specially women because men can tolerate way more carbohydrates than us.

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