Here is a little guide to measure your portions for weight loss. 
My golden rule and what has worked for me is to have 5 meals a day and only have carbohydrates in two of them. Usually on meal one which is breakfast and my dinner. The rest of the meals are protein, vegetables and good fats. 
To measure protein use your hand Raised hand. If is chicken fillet or flat piece of fish use your whole hand. For a chunky red meat Meat on bone only  the size of the palm of Your hand Raised hand .  Examples of protein : chicken, fish, steak, mince beef, Turkey, shrimp, cod, etc. Greek yoghurt counts as protein and the right portion is 100g. If You want to go vegetarian in some meals use lentils, chickpeas or beans and use carbohydrates portions below White down pointing backhand index
To measure carbohydrates you can use the cup of your hands or like me in have a measuring cup which I couldn’t live without and I measure half a cup of any grains. Examples of good carbs: brown rice , quinoa, couscous , brown pasta all this should be measured once cooked. Oats is half a cup as well but uncooked. I count legumes as carbohydrates (unless I swap for protein) and same portion as grains. For wholemeal bread Bread use two slices (preferably with less than 100 calories each). And sweet potato portion is 100 grams. It should fit in the cup of your hand as well. 
Fats: you can measure with the size of your thumb or else with a tablespoon. 3 or 4 portions of fats and Day is enough when trying to lose. 1/4-1/2 of avocado, 1 tablespoon of olive or coconut oil and peanut butter the same. One portion of nuts should be enough to fit in your fist Fisted hand sign. Salmon counts as good fats and measure as the proteins above Index finger pointing up.
Vegetables should be free. Salads, steamed vegetables, roasted etc.
Fruit only two pieces a day . Measure 1 cup of lose  fruit (that would be portion) like grapes, blueberries , strawberries etc and one piece of banana, apple, orange is one portion as well.
Hope this is helpful for everyone. I got a message today from an Irish lady saying since she started following my page and doing my recipes she’s lost 8 pounds .that made my day and makes this page all worth it! So all of us let’s keep going to get where we want to Flexed bicepsClapping hands signFlexed bicepsFlexed bicepsRunnerDancer


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