Strawberry & chia jam

This jam is so handy to have for quick snacks, to spread over whole meal slice of bread, add on top of oatmeal or spread over a banana for an extra yummy snack!
 And the best thing it does last 2 – 3 weeks so you can make a batch to have ready for the next few weeks!


2 1/2 cups of strawberries
1 tablespoon of chia
few drops of lemon or lime
Step 1:
chop up your strawberries, measure them and place them in a sauce pan
Step 2:
turn on the heat to a medium heating and wait until they become mushy (about 4 minutes). See picture above.
Step 3:
Blend them
Step 4:
Bring back to the boil and let them boil for 5 minutes. We want to let some of the liquid to evaporate but we can’t boil for too long because the natural pectin of the fruit will evaporate. Pectin is the thickener that gives jam the consistency and fruit itself contains pectin and so does lemon so thats why we will add a few drops to it.
At this point add the chia and remove it from the heat.

Final step:
Place jam in a container and wait until it cools down. At this point it might not seem thick enough, but it will thicken upon standing .
Once is cooled store in the fridge.
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