The Meeting House Brunch Review

The Meeting House Review

Hi guys as many of you know I was invited to a unique burmese brunch in ‘The Meeting House’ restaurant, in Dublin. The Meeting House is located on Sycamore Street in Temple Bar, and here is a little review of my experience.

I arrived with my friend and we were welcomed straight away. I loved this as I hate going into a restaurant when there is no-one to welcome you at reception, and you are standing there all lost not knowing if you can sit anywhere, or if you should just sit wherever. So I loved that.

Straight away we were served a deliciously refreshing non-alcoholic cocktail, which was made with ginger, raspberries and orange juice. I literally cannot describe how delicious that combo was! Honestly, I have to try to make that at home. I was very impressed by it.
Then, we were served a fruit salad which was full of different types of fruits, with a touch of coconut, really amazing and healthy!

This picture above was the main dish, which was a slow cooked beef, with vegetables and coriander. OMG! I cannot explain how much I loved this dish! Just to think about it makes my mouth go all watery! This is going to be a problem because every time I go to Dublin I will definitely go in just to eat this!

They also served a smoked pork belly with poached duck egg topped with hollandaise sauce. This was unreal, the egg was perfectly poached, I really need to get my poached egg game on!
The cocktails are also incredible tasty, with so many different combinations that you would never imagine, like, whiskey, pineapple smoothie cocktail was pretty amazing! It was such a pleasant experience.
Also, I loved the fact they offered options for vegetarian and celiacs, as not every restaurant is able to to offer this option on their menu. What I didn’t like is that they brought the vegetarian option way before we were all served. Although my vegetarian friend said it is like that in every restaurant, as they have to prepare vegetarian meals separately. But, I would have liked if we were all served at the same time. Apart from that I will give it a 10 of of 10.
The meeting house is a unique place which offers you a whole experience of cocktails, good food and also good music. If you live in Dublin you should definitely go in a Saturday or a Sunday brunch for a well deserved homemade cheat meal. All dishes are 9.99 euros.
Please let me know if you go, I would love to hear your thoughts.

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