My Thoughts On Crossfit

As many of you know, I got invited to attend a crossfit class this week. I have always been curious about crossfit and wanted to try it myself  for a while.

but the reason I had never done it before is because I would look at videos on Facebook and all the girls and guys that do crossfit are lifting crazy weights and is like they got possessed by some crossfit demon so I always felt I was going to go and people was just going to laugh at me for not begin as fit or advanced as them.

So those were my thoughts on it. As I accepted the invitation I started to get so nervous for all the reasons mentioned above.

Anyway I was gonna go to it no matter what so whatever was going to happen I had to leave with it (lol).

So I arrived and the girl who was at the counter (Couch Mary) was super nice and explained me everything very well so I felt at comfort straight away.

Then we passed to this room with is full of bars, step ups, weights and ropes hanging down the ceiling. It was about 10 girls attending the class and 1 guy. All the girls didn’t follow certain body shape. They were all different. The reason I mention this is because I use to think that only super strong girls and guys would be in there and is not like that at all. All different body shapes just trying to get better, fitter and stronger.

So the class started by doing a fun and interactive warm up. It consisted on doing “musical chairs” (yes like those ones we played when we were kids). But instead of chairs we had step ups and we were crolling around with legs stretched and when the music stopped you had to jump into a step up. If you lost you had to do certain amount of burpees.

The second part of the class consisted on doing 3 different exercises: 1. climbing the rope, 2. lifting a bar over the shoulders and 3. hanging from a bar. But what I liked is that you are giving 2 options to do these exercises. One for beginners and one for advanced. And is not like the couch tell you are beginner and you advanced. You just do what you choose to do and everyone is in their own working area so nobody notices if you are a beginner or a pro.

The third part of the class is to do 4 sets of again 3  different exercises: 1. jumping into the steps, 2. burpees, 3. squats. (this are the exercises you can see on the video above). Again nobody  notices how advanced you are as everyone is minding their own thing. And the atmosphere is just so relaxed that nearly everyone wants to help you get your form better.

I was very impressed by the girl with the blonde hair on my video. She was incredibly fit and strong. She had an amazing body shape but still strong and fit. She really gave me the inspiration of wanting to push myself more.

The 2 couches that were there ( Mary and Michael) were so helpful and nice. Really ehnthusiastics about showing you and teaching you how to get better.

And finally the last part of the class is just a stretch.

In conclusion I loved it. It really made me realise the following:

1. I don’t push myself enough in the gym. I realised I can do more than I think.
2. In the gym you are your own, you don’t compare yourself with anybody else and in here you obviously want to be able to do the advanced exercises. So every time you go you will want to push yourself to get better at it
3. In the gym there is nobody to tell you if you are doing wrong form
4. There is crossfit competitions so you can push yourself more by having a goal to compete so you are training for an end goal
5.  They measure your body fat to make sure you are advancing!

I have already paid my membership on my own gym until the end of this year so I will keep going to my own gym and do crossfit once a week until then and if by then I am fully convinced about it, I will fully join it in january and become a crossfit pro and go compete and be the best I can at it.

If you are from Tullamore and you would like to attend a class you check them out on:

3 thoughts on “My Thoughts On Crossfit

  1. Rina Tobin says:

    I don't know where this stigma against Crossfit came from. I went to a regular gym for years and it wasn't any fun at all. When a friend of mine introduced me to Crossfit I was instantly hooked. It is much more fun and I find myself working out more than I would have at my old gym. I am glad that you had a good experience as well!

    Rina Tobin @ Roanoke Valley Crossfit


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