Fill & Go Brita Bottle Review

In recent weeks I have been using the Fill & Go Brita filter, to filter my tap water. I am a person who hates the taste of tap water, so this filter has really saved my wallet from not having to buy bottled water.

The bottle itself is in and around 23 euros. It comes in 4 different colours: pink, green, grey and blue.

The lid is handy and well secured, so it is safe to carry without the risk of spilling the water in your handbag or gym bag.

You can buy the 8 filter tablets (pictured above) for 18 euros.  Brita recommends that you change the tablet every week. So they would last for 8 weeks, which means you only spending 2 euros a week on healthy filtered water!
The filter tablets neatly fit in a well designed cavity in the lid of the unit. You simply fill the container with water and the water is then filtered while you are drinking.
To see how well the filter worked, I went to hubby’s office to test it, as the tap water in his office tastes absolutely disgustingly awful, and much to my delight, the filtered water tasted perfect! 
The bottle itself is so easy to clean, as it has a wide circumference, so you can easily sponge it down without trouble. It is also dishwasher safe!
Also you can add fruits into your bottle to infuse them with extra flavour and vitamins.  Here are 4 different combos that make your water taste really good:
1. Cucumber and lime
2. Strawberry and mint
3. Oranges
4. Frozen blueberries

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