10 Christmas Gifts Any Fit Girl Would Love

1. Nike Shoes

A girl can’t have enough Nike shoes! And this pair is a very classy one. There’s a lot of different styles to choose from on the website. Make sure to check them out for a nice present.

Here is the link for the ones above:

2. Gym Clothing

Any fit girl will always love new gym clothing. You don’t have to spend much to make her happy. The above gym outfit is from forever 21. 

3. Fitbit

Fitbit is an amazing brand that does very cool fitness watches that have different functions. Some of them only count the calories that you burn a day, some of they even tell you how much more you have to sleep and other ones recognise your heart beat.

 Prices vary from 70 to 500 euros.  You really have a choice according to your budget and this would be an amazing present!

They also have that amazing weighing scale that reads you body fat and how hydrated you are. It is a very accurate one on weight etc, etc. Amazing present as well.

You can find some of the products on Argos in this link: ARGOS

or on their website: www.fitbit.com

4. Stylist Gym Mat from Sweaty Beatty

This mat is super soft, stylist and is very good quality. If the fit chick you want to treat loves yoga or floor exercises you will really impress her with this present. it is 80 euros and here is the link for it: sweatybetty.com

Check other products in their website! you will fall in love with everything!

5. Selection box of tea and a travel mug

If you follow me on my social media channels you know how much I love tea. Specially this brand. I am in love with all their teas and I actually own that travel mug and it is my favourite. 

This is a very inexpensive  present to give to a fit chick. She will always appreciate a nice cup of tea.

 Prices of the tea vary from 10 to 28 euros and the mug is 20 euros. You can get them both on their website: www.yourtea.com

6. Protein Bars 

These 2 brands are my favourites! These  bars make a really nice stock fillers and any fit chick will be thanking you for this. You can get both brands on the body first nutrition website.

Actually, at the moment they have a promotion that you can do you own box with the selection of bars of your choice. You can choose 5 different bars for 14.95 and here is the link to read more about it:

7. Vitamix

This is the best blender you could ever have. This is an investment for life. I know it is so expensive but it is one of those thing you will have for ever. It makes perfect peanut or almond butter, it blends raw vegetables to perfection and you can add hot or cold mixes to it. 

I am dieing to get my hands on one of this blenders (blink,blink to my hubby*)

Prices star at 500 euros. But it totally worth it. You can buy in Brown Thomas shop and in their website. Here is direct link for it: http://www.brownthomas.com/vitamix/

8. Gym bag

This gym bag is very different one to the conventional ones and it is very stylish. The price of this bag is 41 euros and you can buy in Argos. Direct link for it: 

9. Cool earphones

These earphones are the biggest trend! they actually look amazing and you can buy different designs faces and just swap the colours and designs. I mean who wouldn’t like to rock these beauties in the gym?

10. Useful Christmas Socks Fillers: 

– Spirilizer: Useful kitchen gadget that any fit girl would love to have. The one from the brand GEFU is by far the best one. Here is link for it: 

– If you or the person you want to give her a gift is a runner, this socks are the ones for her. 

They are called “One Thousand Miles” and they have a double layer of fabric and they keep you feet at normal temperature while running. They are 11 euros a pair but definitely worth it.

You can buy them in Elverys and here is the direct link for it: http://www.elverys.ie/

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