Christmas Eve Traditions That Makes Lovely Memories

After I posed the question on Snapchat asking about everyones Christmas Eve traditions, I decided to write a blog post with all the great ideas I got!

I think Christmas Eve traditions help make so many special Christmas memories! So let me know at the end which ones will you be adopting.

1. Leaving cookies and milk for Santa and some carrots for Rudolph

This is a lovely activity to do with the kids. And as we all know Santa needs some food to keep him going on such busy night!

2. Sending a letter to Santa on a ballon

This a tradition I have done since I was a little girl. So we would do it with all my cousins in my grannies house. So the idea is to write another letter to Santa, attach it to a helium balloon, and then let all the balloons go at the same time. It was so much fun and the pictures of that memory are amazing!
3. Light a pat for Santa

This is such a fun cute idea to do with kids to make sure Santa find his way to the house easier.

4. Leave Santas footprints with some glitter, to prove he was there!
This is such a cute idea! You can use glitter, or talc, or both, and use a wellington to make the footprints!
5. Make your kids fill up a sack of toys they no longer want and leave it for Santa to take to other children who aren’t fortunate enough

I think some kids these days have way too much and is a nice way to make them appreciate what they are getting!
6. Fill up a box with new pyjamas and a few treats to give to everyone on Christmas Eve

It is a nice little thing to for everyone the night before Christmas. Everyone goes to bed with new pyjamas and a few treats to enjoy, in the wait for Santa! I got this idea from Sharon Leavys blog. If you don’t follow her, you should. This is her blog:

7. The tradition of the pickle!
Someone sent me this idea and I loved it! I googled it and you can buy the pickle in Amazon or lots of difference websites!

8. Have something for dinner that every year is the same. We always have cannelloni’s 
A lot of people were saying they have Sandwiches, others pizzas. I think whatever it is make it something special. I like cannelonis because I only make them once a year and have them for Christmas Eve. In previous years I re-filled them with minced beef but this year I will make them with cheese and spinach. (since I have 2 weeks being a vegetarian lol)
9. Watch a Christmas film

Every Christmas eve it’s nice to sit with the fire on and watch a christmas family film with some popcorn and wine for the adults!
10. Take the same picture wearing something similar each year and make an album so you can look back trough the years!
What a beautiful memory would this be? An album filled with the same themed picture, taken every year and then when you look back you can see how much have you all changed.
Here is a few examples so you get my idea:

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