Dresses.ie Event

As many of you might know from Snapchat, I attended an amazing event for dresses.ie last week in Dublin. The event took place in Sam’s bar in Dawsons Street. 

A host of top fashion media and blogger guests attended the event. They enjoying a Parisian inspired breakfast, while viewing a runway show of the new collection.

The S16 showcase was curated and presented by top Irish stylist Brian Conway (picture above). I have to give him amazing credit for his work as he styled the models amazingly.  I genuinely was so inspired by his work that I went to look on his website.  His work is very inspiring, you guys should definitely have a look: www.briconstyle.com 

After a little while the gorgeous models (pictured above) started the runway show. These included Thalia Heffernan, Teodora Sutra, Raine Borges, Joanne Northy and Grace O’Mahony (all of them gorgeous, especially Thalia Heffernan, OMG she is not human! have a look at her instagram page!)

Anyway lets see a few of the pieces: 

This dress was so feminine and delicate, perfect for a spring/summer evening. I think you can either dress it up  for an evening out, or dress it down to wear during the day.

The white top shown above is unreal! The picture does not do it justice.  If you are going on holidays, it is a must! Im definitely getting this for my trip to Mexico.

This shirt dress has an amazing soft texture to it. This is a piece I am definitely getting for myself. Light and very classy.

This top is so gorgeous, I actually saw a picture of Cara Delavigne wearing it and it looks amazing on plus there is a lot of different ways this blouse can be styled.

I invite you all to browse the rest of the pieces on www.dresses.ie

I will definitely be shopping a few pieces to take with me to Mexico.

I also got to meet the lovely Cloda from www.orangeobviously.blogspot.ie and the funniest guy in Ireland: James Patrice Buttler: 

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