My Best Friend’s Wedding


As I wasn’t able to snapchat one of one of the most important days on my best friends life I decided to write a blogpost with all the details on this very special day for her.
I asked my BFF if she was ok for me to share this with you all and she was more than happy!
I would like to start talking about the venue, (pictured above). The wedding took place in the groom’s ‘holiday home’ which is about 40 minutes away from our city. As you can see on picture, it is situated on a dam. (A dam is a body of water confined by a barrier). This dam of water gives an absolutely beautiful view and you can admire it from the pool of the house. So definitely a very romantic and relaxing spot, ideal to tie the knot.
The registration wedding took place inside the house before the ceremony. The ceremony took place  outside in front of a beautiful chapel that is within the house grounds. The reception was in one of the beautiful gardens which was decorated with hundreds of flowers. (see pictures below)
The picture above was taken just a few moments after the civil registration. Doesn’t she looks stunning? And you have to check out her shoes! I absolutely love the fact that they weren’t the typical white bridal shoes!
After the registration, we all had a little cocktail, champagne, pictures and then we moved to the second part of the day which was the actual ceremony. As the little chapel is tiny,  the chairs were accommodated outside the little chapel just as an outside church!
The bride refused to have the typical red carpet, so they placed original persian rugs all over which gave it such a vintage, classy and elegant touch to the atmosphere. The flowers were so beautiful placed the whole place was vibrant with style. Here is pictures to visually describe it:
The dresses and styles were unreal. I wish I could publish pictures of my favourite dressed but I won’t because I don’t want to upset anyone who didn’t make it in the post. But check out the sister of the bride in that stunning 2 pieces blue dress. And I couldn’t leave out the stunning dress of the mother of the groom which it was a dress made specially for her in a Mexican shop where they paint all their dresses by hand. Is such an original concept. This shop is situated in a town called “San Miguel de Allende” so if you ever have the opportunity to go to this magical town make sure you visit this shop.



Then while we waited to go to the reception part for the dinner part we had drinks and canapés in this lounge area where they served shots of tequila and frutal fresh water. How beautiful does it looks?
They also had special bottles of glassed water with their initials on the bottles in a gold print: How classy? Perfect for the next day to cure our hangover.
Moving on to the third part of the wedding. The party: Dinner, baby mango shots (pictured below), Bacardi, friends and my best friend, the only thing I could have asked for in that night is to have my hubby with me. But apart from that it was an unforgettable night!


Check out the dance floor. It was hand painted hours before the wedding. It is a new concept on weddings on which they paint any design you want on it. It could be the bride and groom initials, or any design you would like. My friend wanted to simulate a persian rug to keep a theme with the persian rugs at the ceremony:

Now have a look at the place itself. The tables were set up in a very original way as they weren’t the typical 10 people table. They were all different shapes and sizes, different number of people would fit on each table. They were very carefully planned and accommodated in a way to suit everyone. Also I loved that all the centre pieces were different on each table! check pictures below of my favourite ones:



Then the night came, the music started we were ready to party and thankfully in Mexico speeches aren’t a tradition so we didn’t have to sit for over an hour begin hungry. lol. So we were all feed and happy. Then the waltz started as they played “mirrors” from Justin Timberlake. (so romantic)
Please have a look of this mini fireworks that came up as the bride and groom were dancing their waltz. -UNREAL-
After the dinner, they served a little dessert. But it was only a sorbet as the bride had planned this table pictured below. It was full of well made, delicious and  very fancy dessert bites such as: coffee cream, mini apple tarts, raspberry and chocolate mini cakes, macaroons, mini carrot cakes, eclairs, etc… Perfect for
For me, the drinks of the night were this shots called ‘baby mangos’ and they are very popular in Mexico. The red granules around them is actually a type of sweet-spicy chilli that tastes awesome. They are made with mango juice, vodka and spicy red sauce. (OMG I’m salivating as I write this). I literally drank most of them (LOL).
I can’t explain how lucky and blessed I felt to be able to live this day with my best friend. I enjoyed this wedding nearly as much as she did, I know that. I will always be able  to cherish this night with her for the rest of my life!
My girl friend picture above is also one of my best friends, she was my date for the night and I am also very lucky to have her as a friend. We could literally write a book with all the adventures we used to get up to when we were younger. LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART! (As Enrique Iglesias would say: Si te vas yo tambien me voy…)
So after all this madness and an unforgettable night the peace and the hangover arrived the next day: How peaceful and tidy the place looks after the big day:
They gave bottles of water with their initials the next day for all the hangover people:
As happy as I look below I was dying. (If you watched my snaps that day you know what I’m talking about)
I want to end this blogpost with a few little stories I shared with the bride:
I meet her in college when I used to give her all the answers to the exams because she never studied once. It was so funny how we matched straight away. How, with looking at each other, we knew what we were thinking about anyone or any situation.
The first time we actually went out to the club we ended up so drunk I called my mom to tell her I was going to stay at my friends house (her) and when we went into her house she was like: If my  mom asks you who you are tell her you are Ursula Ortuno (another Ursula that used to be with her in school) hahahaha! I was like how the hell am I going to pretend to be another Ursula? So funny. The next day we actually had college as It was a Monday bank holiday when. But we were so hangover we couldn’t bother going to college so we got up at 8am and left. But waited until her mom left for work to go back in and sleep all day. (I’m actually in bits laughing writing this remembering that moment)
Anyway. I want to share a few words for her with you all:
Rata: Live every day with your husband as the first day you had as a married couple, find his funniest side, his most loveable side and hang to that thought every day of your life! If things are down, if you feel like you want to throw him out of the window (because you will) bring those good thoughts back to your head!
You know? I’m so happy you united your life with him because now that we are so far from each other at least I know you will never be alone. He will always be by your side! you two are complete together. I cannot imagine one without the other.
My little rat, I will never forget every single moment we have been through together, I would live it all over again. You know I will always have your back and as I said before I would cross the atlantic for you!
Thanks for letting me be part of that day, one of the most important days on your life. I adore you and wish you a life full of happiness besides the love of your life.

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