Some Healthy Irish Brands You Should Know -part 1-


As Many of you know on Sunday I met up for lunch with other irish amazing bloggers. Zoe from organised a lovely afternoon full of chats and goodies. I thought it be only fair to share with you all the amazing brands that collaborated it with the goodies. Especially because they are amazing produce and you all know I love supporting Irish brands!

This are the ones I received on Sunday, that’s thy I called it part 1, but I will share part 2 next month with the ones I use everyday.

  1. Sarah’s Raw Bites


Sarah makes delicious raw vegan bites that are delicious and very healthy. They all contain just nuts, dry fruits, cacao, coconut oil, and all those types of ingredients. It has been so hard to have all those treats in the fridge and containing myself of not eating them all in the one go. You can find her instagram here: @sarahs_rawbites and you can find a stockist on her website to see if you can buy her products near you.

2. Dr. Coy’s Chocolate Bars


This sugar free chocolate bars are a good alternative to kill the chocolate cravings! They are very tasty and you can check them out on their website HERE

3. Chia oil tablets and Seeds


ChiaBia are an irish based company that focuses on chia products. They have whole chia, milled chia, bars and those tablets pictured that are essentials for vegans and vegetarians to make sure you intake the amount of omega-3 your body needs. You can check their website HERE

4. Quinoa Crunch


This morning I set up this bowl with vegan Alpro yogurt and a few teaspoons of this and I had to eat it after I took the picture! (what a punishment). And I have to say that I felt in love with this product straight away! It is so perfectly crunchy, sweet, and the best part: It doesn’t have any type of sugar added, which makes it perfect for our no sugar november challenge. This would be delicious on top of my porridge! You can find all about their products HERE if can buy it straight away. 100% recommend it

5. Organic O’egg eggs & Egg whites


I am pretty sure that most of you know this famous egg whites that are so handy to have at any time of the day. they are so low in calories, high in protein, they are idea to bulk up any meal. You can make a savoury dish or a sweet one (pancakes) you can’t go wrong. I usually buy them in Tesco or Dunnes. You can find them on Facebook HERE

6.Brownie Mix


To be honest with you I haven’t try this mix so I can tell for sure if it is once or not. The one thing I can tell you is that the ingredients sound amazing: Gluten-Free Oats*, Coconut Sugar, Ground Almonds (17%), Cacao Powder (13%), Bicarbonate of Soda. You just have to add a few bananas and a few eggs and bake. Stay tuned on my snapchat on Friday I will make and try live. If you cannot wait and want to order it you can buy on their website HERE

7. Flavoured Nuts (NUTMOST)


This nuts are deliciously seasoned it. The ones I tried above are salty but really looking forward to try the maple walnuts, they sound amazing! you can find this nuts HERE

8. Glenisk Yogurt


Well, I don’t think I have to say much on this Irish bran which we all love. They provide all type of yogurts and flavours to satisfy everyones needs! I will be giving away a set of vouchers on my Facebook page this week so stay tuned.

9. Wyldsoon Seed&Nuts Tubes


This mixes are a selection of chopped nuts with a sprinkle of seeds and some of the most extraordinary fruits in the world… Organic Persian Mulberries, Organic African Mango, Californian Pomegranate and even a touch of Belgian Chocolate. You can check them out on their website HERE

10. Happi Food Co.


Happi Food Co. makes life easier for you and does your lunched and dinners according to your diet requirements. It even includes snacks like the one above. if you live in Dublin you should definitely chaco out their website HERE

11. Improper Butter


This butter is so yummy! as I always tell you: consume real butter as suppose to margarines or fake fats. The best fasts to cook with are saturated fats like real butter and coconut oil. This butter is flavoured and it is amazing on your scrambled egg, or your vegetables! You can check their website HERE

12. Paddyos Granola


Paddyos Granola is without a doub one of the best granolas I have tried before. As any tasty  well made granola it is high in calories so I always recommend to sprinkle over oats, yogurt or fruit. A few tablespoons is enough. Check out more about Paddyos granola HERE

13. Cool Beans


This beans are EXTREMELY delicious, created by 2 irish girls and the ingredients are so clean and healthy. Essential to have in your press for those days you want through on the pan for quick nachos, tacos, or stuffed potatoes! find more about them HERE

14. Funky N Fit Gym Wear


We also got this cool tank top from Funky N Fit. They have really cool and funky leggins for the gym. I haven’t try them yet but I know many other bloggers loves them. You can check them out HERE

We all had a great time with all the girls and hopefully I can meet them again soon. If you buy or have tried any of the products above please let me know your thoughts!


If you would like to find the other girls Instagram above:,, @the_macro_queen, @leannemoorefitness, @georgiasfitlife, @pops_foodiekitchen

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