2 ingredients Cheesecake

Yes I know is hatd to believe this Cheesecake has inly 2 ingredients!!

But we’ve doing this cheesecake in my family for years! 

Now you can let you imagination play and add other ingredients such as: lemon juice to turn into a lemon cheesecake or some cocoa powder to make a chocolate cheesecake for example! (How delicious could that be)

Now, for the base I used a tart base I already had in my kitchen but you can do the typical base with crushed plain biscuits and butter base. 

So here are the 2 ingredients:

And the brands I used are this: 

Simply blend both ingredients in your blender and pour mix in top oy your favourite crust and bake for 15 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius 

And here is the final product:

Hope you like this recipe and if you make it please leave your comments or questions below! 

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