Pure Results Bootcamp Experience 

This bootcamp has been one of the most amazing experiences I have had. It might sound too over the top but I learned so much about myself in this few days that I will take that with me for ever and I’m going to talk you through it and then you can tell me what you think.

First of all I arrived on the Friday. I arrived from Tullamore-Ballina in th train. Took me about 2:30hrs to get there. I arrived and went for a taxi but the taxi was already busy. He anyway asked me where was I going I said Mount Falcon Hotel and funny enough the lady sitting in the taxi was going there as well. She was also doing the bootcamp! So as we arrived very early we decided to go to the hotel to have a cup of tea and a last little treat which was a delicious blueberrie scone! I had the talk with this lady who I actually learned so much about! She is in her 60s or so and she did amazing in the bootcamp she never missed an activity and she was a clear example of motivation and perseverance! 

After that, we checked in our houses. We stayed in this 3 bedroom semi attached houses. I had my own bedroom and I shared the house with a couple and with another 2 girls that we became the 3 amigos in the bootcamp! (Hopefully we will be friends for life after this) 

We then had dinner which it was this:


Then the gorgeous Katherine Thomas arrived and we had some amazing chats with her. She has an incredible good energy and she is is confident with herself and her own body she irradiates happiness and good vibes 

Then we went to bed early as we had a hard schedule the next day! 

We woke up and went for a 3k run. And the surroundings are so fabulous you don’t even feel the 3k at all 

After that we had breakfast which was a delicious green smoothie:

We continued with the activities which included some fitness classes, weights ins (everybody is weighed in and measured).

We had a mid morning snack, lunch, an afternoon snack then dinner at 6:30. 

Here are a few examples of the meals and snacks:

As you can see is all good healthy food. They have a chef called Michelle and she is an amazing cook! 

In terms of hunger, I genuinely didn’t feel starving. I didn’t felt full but I was rumbling either. And as you are so busy all the time you don’t have much space to be thinking of food anyway. 

And for the exercises we had yoga, boxercise, kettle bell classes between others. If you feel like your fitness levels aren’t great and “you wouldn’t be able to do that” then don’t because everyone there is different and they are there for different reasons nobody pays attention on anyone else. And in most of the classes you are working in your own little area nobody is paying attention to you, you aren’t paying attention to nobody but yourself.

Plus I experienced such a positive atmosphere that nobody there is there to judge anyone. Some girls were afraid that people were going to be like: “omg she doesn’t need to be here at all” I felt like that myself but everyone was so understanding of your reason to be there and everyone was just encouraging to each other! It was amazing! 

A very nice partnof the bootcamp is the fact that you could use the hotel pool so we were able to gonin there after the activities to relax in the jacuzzi, sauna, steam room, etc. We also had 25% off the treatments in the spa! Which it was amazing if you wanted a massage after all the exercise during the day! 

Beign in the jacuzzi talking to the other girls wasnone of the nicest parts of the bootcamp as you get to listen to other peoples stories, life circumstances and it is amazing to see how everybody has a different reality that yours and I definitely took a big part of each ine of those amazing ladies in there!  Some stories were full filled with success and happiness others would make you never take for granted what we have. 

I was so happy to meet them all specially Deirdre who I hope she is reading this, and I hope we have find a friend in each other for life! Another lady who I can’t name as she went to the bootcamp without telling anybody (but you know you are) I hope we can meet again and have some more laughs together! 

Then on the last day they took us on a hike to Ceide Fields in Co. Mayo. That also was great experience, the connection with nature and the views and the exercise we got done that day was unreal. 

That day made me realise that nothing is impossible. That if I’m ever sitting in the couch not wanting to get up to go get fit, I will always remember that day were we climed a huge mountain and were I felt I couldn’t do it I still did it! So I was able to do that, I definitely will be able to get my ass off the couch and go workout for 45 minutes! 

Whenever I want to binge I will remember that I survived perfectly with lesser calories and working out all day! 

When I’m complaining about shit I will remember that I meet people with bigger struggles than mine and that I shouldn’t be complaining! 

So overall it is an amazing experience, also amazing to learn how much my body can actually do! 

So if you are thinking of doing it! Don’t think it twice! You won’t regret it! It is like a reset button to get you bavk on track! 

If you want to see the place and some of the workouts please check out my YouTube Vlog about the Bootcamp! 

There is also a lot of other amazing activities that I chose not to share in case you decide to do it as they were a nice surprise for me I prefer they keep like that in case you go and it!

People wanted me to talk about prices but I think in case they change you should check the website as it also depends if you share rooms, go just for a weekend of for a full week. So here is the website where you can check it out: www.pureresultsbootcamp.com

Also big thanks to the amazing coaches: Robyn, Niall, James. The nutritional expert: Jane. The chef Michelle and of course Katherine Thomas to make this bootcamp so special for everyone!

If you have any questions please let me know and I’d be happy to answer them! 

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