Cute printables and  all about the best HP INK service! 

If you follow me for a while you might have seen that I started a collaboration with hawlet packet at the start of the year. 

To write a good review, I had to be using the printer for good few months and I have! So here it is and hopefully it is helpful to any of you looking to buy a new printer or getting the ink service. 

The one thing that I can’t get over it about this printer is the INK SERVICE:

This service works basically as a monthly subscription where you chose how much to pay a month according on how much you print. This is definitely a money saver! 

Here are the options: 

I went for the 4.99 a month and I couldn’t believe when my first delivery arrived as I had no clue that my ink was running low! 

The way it works is through the printer beign conected to the internet, it let’s the service know when are you running down of ink and before this happens the ink arrives to the comfort of your doorstep without having to order yourself or even having to worry about it at all! 

Through the app, it meassure your ink so you are able to know how much ink you have left: 

Also as a vegetarian in aim to do better for the planet I loved that they include a service where you send back your used cartridges and they recycle ♻️ them for you! 


Unlike most HP printers, paper feeds from a pull-up tray at the back and out to a pull-out tray at the front

You can send any phone art, pictures, printable activities for the kids, school reports, anything you see online directly from your phone! 

You can also scan and take copies.

You can connect other devices to it. So if you had something to printer from your Ipad or laptop you can also do it. 


It is designed for home office and consumer use, is half the size of most conventional printers, so that it can fit perfectly in tight spaces. And it can be easily picked up and moved, with its small size and wireless connectivity

Also as an aesthetic person I also gotta love the bright blue colour on it making it a very attractive machine! 

Please don’t judge me for finding a machine attractive 😂, my point is a lot of us like to have a pretty tidy desk where we can work a lot more comfortably and this tiny printer definitely does help.


Photo prints are clear and well coloured, and just as good with pastel landscapes as vivid portraits.


It varies from the 60-80 euro mark depending where you buy it. 

Here is a few links of where you can buy it: 

PC World: €79.99

Harvey Norman: €69.90

HP Shop: €61.83

Littlewoods Ireland: €74.99


100% yes. If now that I have tried this printed for a few months, I would have to decide whether or not to buy it I would definitely be buying it right now. A printer is definitely a essential in every home with kids. 

Between school reports, emails, school calendars, activities, schedules and learning printables itnis a must to have and at that price, space and quality it is a must have! 

If you wat to learn what activities to print for your kids to do this summer click HERE

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask me! 


Printable links:

Printables 1

Printables 2

Printables 3

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