Educational Activities To Do With Your Kids! 

I always get a lot of interest when I do Activities with my kids on Snapchat as us moms sometimes don’t know what else to do to keep them busy while they learn.

So I’m going to show you a few activities we have done lately and they have loved and they are amazing to teach them to write, spell and use their imagination!

I have created all this crafts while using my new printer HP Deskjet 3720! This printer is literally the size of a radio stereo from the 90s and works just as well as any of those big profesional printers you come across! 

So space wise it literally occupies nothing! 

Now, the quality printing is unreal! Check out on the next picture the quality of  the colour printing in both paper and photo paper! Amazing to print photos on special occasions like xmas for the grandparents to send the picture of your kids with a card.

Now lets get to the activities!!! 

The first ones I did were for easter and we created this cute bunnies filled with chocolate eggs to give for their grandparents and teachers:

If you would like ti create this bunnies, you can find the template to download here: Bunny template

And one of the boys favorite activities was the origami. Specially my younger boy lovedthe idea of folding paper and do some animals: 

If you’d like to make the origami animals find the template here: Origami Bunny , Origami Fox and Origami Cat

Some of the educational activities we made this: SHAPES! This is an activity that will help them to have a good writing skills when they go to school!

I also printed the whole abecedary to get them practicing the letters: 

If you want to download those you can download the printables here: Educational printables

In that same website I downloaded spelling games and we use the fridge letters to form words and teach them the pronouncing of the letters! 

And the best part of the printer is the ink!! Depending on how much ink you use you subscribe to a monthly payment as little as 2.99 euros a month and they know when you are running low on ink so they send out the ink to the comfort of your door without paying delivery!! 

I subscribed to the 4.99 a month as I do get a few things printed often enough! 

If you print way to much you can subscribe to the 9.99 euro a month and save yourself a fortune on ink!!! Here is a link where you can sign up for it: Instant ink

Now this is a paid collaboration with Hawlett- Packard but if you follow me for a while know I’m very honest with my reviews so if you are looking to buy a printer I 100% recommend this printer!! I guarantee you won’t regret it!! 

A few of my followers on Snapchat bought it after my snaps and 3 out 3 people who messaged me told me how pleased they were with this printer! 

So if you are looking to buy it you can purchase in this websites: Littlewoods , Currys , or Argos (best price is Argos)

*Non of the links on this post are affiliated*

If you have any questions, or feedback please let me know! 

Now there’s no excuses to keep out children busy this summer (god help us)

7 thoughts on “Educational Activities To Do With Your Kids! 

  1. thechitownchica says:

    I always shy away from projects with printables because I have the worst printer ever. Really need to update with something that is more efficient and uses less ink! -kinda like this one 😉


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