Homemade Bagels With Only 5 ingredients

This delicious bagels are so easy to make!

I genuinely wouldn’t recommend making them and store them. They are in my opinion to eat within the first 24 hours after baking.

Everyone in my family approved them and we enjoyed them so much!

I think they’d be lovely to enjoy warm in a breakfast with some butter or Philadelphia cheese spread on them.


1 cup of flour (you can use gluten free)

1 cup of greek yogurt ( normal yogurt won’t work as it is too liquid)

2 teaspoons baking powder (make sure is not out of date or it won’t rise)

Pinch of salt

Egg wash for the end

Seeds to put on them (I used flaxseed, poppy seed and sesame seeds)


– Combine the flour, yogurt, baking powder, salt in a bowl and fold all ingredients together until you have a proper dough:

– knead the dough just a few times (no more than 20) if you need a bit more flour add it in

– Divide dough in 4 equal pieces like this:

– Then roll each individual piece into a long piece and form the circle for the bagel.

– Make sure you leave enough space to form the circle because they will rise! Also leave space in between each bagel!

– Brush with the egg wash and add the seeds straight away

– Bake for 20 minutes and thats it. Leave them to rest for a few minutes before slicing them

Serve them with a fried egg, some avocado or ham or whichever filling you like!

Hope you enjoy this recipe!

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