Working out from home

Welcome back to the blog! Today finally I’m blogging about the workouts I’m doing from home.

I have a lot of people who reads me that have no one to help with the little ones to be able to go to the gym or go for a run etc.

And at the moment I’m with you. My husband is working long hours and his hours can be different everyday and with a new born and breastfeeding I’m finding so difficult to go exercise like I used to.

So I have resigned myself to accept that if I want to build my muscle back and get my body back I have to work out from home. My plan is work out from home until maybe the end of January and I’m hopeful that by then Annabelle will be in a much better routine where she can go to bed for the night at 7 or so and then I can go to the gym.

But for now here is my routine. Is effective and you will see toning back up in no time if you keep it up! Trust me you will be sore in the morning!

The most asked question is what do I need to buy to workout from home?

Well you can buy tons of things but to do my very efficient routine here is what you need:

1. A good mat

I say a good mat because I have bought mats before that are cheap and they end up shredding little bits of foam or they stay curled up finding hard to get flat etc.

So invest in a good one! Unfortunately that green one was a gift and I don’t know where was purchased but is a very good one.

Argos, tesco, elverys etc stock them.

2. A step

I bought that step that you see in my picture in Argos. It was €27 but I don’t recommend it at all is way too low!

So I will advise you to get a good one as well so you can jump up and down on it to do some cardio without fear of either falling because it’s too wabbly or like mine that is too low.

I’m going to have to buy a second one and stash them together for a better workout!

3. Variety of different weights

In my opinion you need at least 2.5kg, 5kg and maybe 7kg weights

The reason why is some exercises will need heavier weights and as you will improve on your strength you need to go up on weight.

The weights you see on the picture go from 2.5kg to 25kg my husband bought them in Argos as well. They were expensive but we do use them a lot. If you are working out from home long term I would definitely reccomend investment in something similar.

Have a look on Argos they have sales sometimes and maybe you can pick them up cheaper.

The exercises

So I try to do at least 3 weight workouts a week and 3 thirty minutes walk as well each week.

For the weight exercises I usually do Mondays, Wednesday and Friday.

Monday: Legs

Wednesday: Arms

Friday: Back & shoulders

LEGS: ( I do 3 sets on each exercise)

1. Knees up on the step (15 each side)

2. Squats (15 )

3. Weighted lunges (12 on each side)

4. Weighted step ups (15 each side)

5. Straight leg deadlifts (15) I use my 2 weights instead of a bar

6. Squat and press (15)

ARMS (3 sets on each exercise)

1. Bicep curls (15 each side)

2. Tricep kickback (12 each side)

3. Hammer curls (12 each side)

4. Tricep extension (15)

5. Push ups (15. If you can’t do full ones do them from your knees)

5. Tricep chair dips (as many as you can on each set)


1. Dumbell bent over row (15)

2. Single arm row (15 each side)

3. Back Flys

4. Shoulder fronts (12 each side)

5. Shoulder lateral raise (15)

6. Shoulder overhead press

I hope this is useful for some of you!! If you have any questions please let me know

And don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @momfitnessdiary

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