Foods Ideas for Babies


I never cook individual porridge just for her. I usually cook it for the 3 kids.

The portions Im giving for the porridge are for let’s say an adult and a toddler.

1 cup of oats

2 cups of milk of choice (sometimes I do 1 cup of water one of milk)

Bring to the boil then simmer to cook slowly so consistency is creamy. Move around often. Add some honey and cinnamon. For babies younger than 12 sweeten up with some stewed apple or mashed banana.

This meal is just something like we all would have and just share same to her. Protein could be either salmon or chicken

This is Annabelle favorite meal of them all. Her love for black beans is out of this world!

I always prepare them with lots of veggies. In the photo above I prepared like this:

1 small onion

1/4 green pepper

1 sweet potato

1 can of black beans

Sauté the veggies.

Add the beans

Bring to the boil and add a low salt stock

Bring heat down and let beans to cook away for 20 minutes or until soft. Slightly mash.

This casserole is so handy because you cook all in one pot and it freezes very well.

I have always love giving ligas to my kids. I know you might argue they contain sugar but I personally don’t mind because is a tiny bit and she eats very healthy overall.

Those 10 minutes while they enjoy a liga are precious to me and I genuinely think restricting them 100% of sugar is not the way. Because the problem is not the sugar the problem is always the amount we sometimes consume. So I think is ok to have balance. She never eat chocolate or any other sugary bits so to me is perfectly fine!

Recipe for couscous pot:

2 carrots

1 onion

1/2 cup frozen peas

2 pieces of salmon

3/4 cup raw couscous

1 punk of boiling vegetable stock


Sauté the onion and the carrot. Add up the salmon skin off and diced. To brown just for a few seconds.

Add the couscous and peas and stock. Let it cook slowly for 3-4 minutes and VOILA is ready! Couldn’t be easier. And older kids love this dish as well.

For younger babies add less couscous so it’s more soupy and blend

Shepperds Pie or just minced beef cooked with lots of veggies. All in one pot.

Add up any veggies that you have in the fridge like cauliflower, peppers, broccoli, sweet potato, this Can perfectly be blended and frozen as well.

Cheesy lentil cauliflower:

1/2 head of cauliflower

1/4 cup green lentils

1 small onion

1 carrot

100g grated cheese

300ml boiling stock

Sauté the all the vegetables with olive oil, add lentils and stock. Bring heat down and cook for 20 minutes until lentils are soft.

Once water has been absolutely absorbed add the cheese and mash or blend. This dish is also lovely with white fish

All my kids love this soup. Is so easy to make.

2-3 chicken breast

1 red pepper

2-3 potatoes

1 small can of corn


1/2 courgette

500ml boiling stock

I always sauté veggies first with chicken then boil. And then simmer until everything is well cooked

Peel and boil 3-4 apples. Once soft blend with a few dates and cinnamon.

They are so handy to have at ready to add to porridge or just as a little dessert or meal with a bit of toast and a yogurt

This red lentils are a hit and I love them because they cook so easily and quick.

Just sauté any vegetables of choice. Add 2 cup of lentils, 1 can of tomatoes, 1 of coconut milk. Pinch of paprika and turmeric. And cook slowly until lentils are soft. Very handy to freeze

I absolutely love the handiness of this option. It can be given either for breakfast, lunch or tea!

This is so handy for dessert or snacks. I always have them frozen at the ready

This is my go to lunch of most days! So easy and she loves it. Scrambled eggs has a bit of cheddar in it

Banan pancakes:

1/2 cup of oats

1 egg

1 banana

Drop of milk

Blend and cook like regular pancakes. Makes 12 that size. Freeze the rest.

I’m always cooking lots of soup because I love to have it ready for the boys as an after school “snack” before their activities and is light so they eat their dinner on the evening. So baby girl girl would also have a lot of soups.

Hope you love this post! And hope your baby will love all this meals and recipes!

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