Baby Jogger GT Buggy Review

After having a the cheapest buggy from mother care for years (whitch served me ‘grant’) I really wanted a better buggy for running and a buggy that could fold easily to put in the car or anywhere.

And after lots of feedback this is the buggy most people recommended.

I got it second hand from my friend for €300. It was practically new and she included the foot muff part and the rain cocer which it was great!

Now let’s just say it’s a dream buggy to stroll, walk and run! Is so easy to push you could manage pushing it with one hand literally

Tullamore is full of hills and I run 6km 2-3 times a weeks and it is a dream to run with!

The only thing while running is the holder. The rubber makes it very sweaty but I just wrap a little towel around it and no big deal.

To fold and put in the car also 10/10. So easy to do. You literally pull a strap from the sitting area and it folds!

Same to unfold, you just unclick a thingy in the side and push right up!

Now let’s talk about the nitty picky things that I don’t like…

(See picture above) I know for a lot of you this is like “what? How does that annoy you?” Well it does. Her head keeps rubbing off and her bows, hats anything always comes off. I wish it was a tiny bit higher so this didn’t happen.

The foot accessory is amazing to keep them dry, warm etc. No need to bring blankets with you and makes the inside of the buggy really cosy

The rain cover is a necessity in Ireland although is not great. The one I had for my mothercare buggy was way more sturdy

The zipper thingy keeps coming off and it really annoys me. But again, is a really small thing that is probably easy to fix if I bring it to a dress maker

The straps aren’t great but they are the same on all buggies I’ve ever had so I think thats just the way it is! I hate that you have to put the strap inside the other strap and then click. Some days I click it in one second and some days I’m fighting with it (lol)

I looooove how far down the hood part comes down it really protects them from the sun, rain, light etc! I’ve never seen a buggy that does come down that much.

I also love the way how flat it goes for when they are having a nap.

I forgot to take a picture of how flat it goes but I will add it later.

Overall I 100% would recommend I’d definitely would buy again. It is a dream buggy to stroll and run and perfect for baby naps and also have a great basket underneath in case you go shopping etc

There is also an accessory I really want to get for a drink, phone keys. So handy to get. Here is a link for it in case you wanna buy:

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