5 foods you think they are healthy, but they sabotage your progress.

5 foods you think they are healthy, but they sabotage your progress.

1. Oats biscuits or crackers. This happens often how many of you have said: ‘oh I’m just gonna have my little cracker with my cup of coffee’ well let me tell you those crackers are full of flour which is one of our worst enemies when losing weight! It elevates insulin higher than sugar. When insulin levels are high you don’t burn fat, if anything the accumulation of fat is stimulated! same happens with white bread.

2. Cesar salad. When you go to a restaurant and you want to eat ‘light’ and ask for a cesar salad is a big mistake! This salad is a bomb of calories and fats! The dressing they put on it made with egg yolks, huge amounts of oil, bacon, cheese etc! Cesar salads are as fattening as having a big burger and fries!

3. Cereal bars. How many of us running around with no time to prepare snacks and wanting to go for the healthy option and just grab a cereal bar. 99% of them are full of sugar and low in fiber. Make sure when you buy one that it has less than 6g of sugar and at least 3g of fiber so its healthier for you. Same applies to cereals.

4. Orange juice: this is one of the worst things you can intake when losing weight. This doesn’t help you to burn fat or be healthy. What is healthy is to eat the full orange! Orange is low in calories and very high in fiber. On an orange juice there’s at least 5 oranges so think: 1 orange has 45 calories and 9g of sugar. So a glass has 225 calories at least and 36g of sugar! This is natural sugar but it accumulates quiet easy! So go for water, green tea etc. Have your orange as a whole!

5. Yogurts. I know many of you will get a shock on this one. But many yogurts are very high in sugar! You have to choose wisely. Greek yogurt are always the option to go! But always check the label. Cero fat. Nothing or very low sugar and high in protein. For my irish readers: Liberté yogurt is an excellent option!

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