11 excuses that hold you back from a healthy lifestyle

1.Excuse: I’ve no time to exercise
Solution: Wake up an hour earlier and go for a walk or go up and down the stairs in your building or house for 30 minutes. I’ve a friend that has to get up at 5 for work she gets up at 4 to exercise.

2.Excuse:I’ve nobody to mind my baby
Solution:Zumba videos or youtube has great cardio videos

3.Excuse: Eat healthy is expensive
Solution: Eat rice, chicken and broccoli. Very healthy and very cheap. Or else don’t drink over the weekend and use that money on good food!

4.Excuse: I’ve been dieting but I don’t loose anymore
Solution: Simple, cut more calories change what you are doing

5. Excuse: I have bad genetics
Solution: With a clean diet and exercise you can overrule genetics. Don’t look to look like a girl on a magazine. You can always look better go  to take out the best of you!

6.Excuse:I’m a big built
Solution: We all can always look better: less fat more muscle! A fit body comes in different shapes and sizes.

7. Excuse: If I go to the gym I won’t get to talk to my husband
Solution: Your marriage will be more beneficial if you are fit plus for 3 times a week I’m sure hubby will be ok plus you could get up an hour earlier and do it in the mornings!

8. Excuse: I’m too hungry
Solution: Most of the times You aren’t hungry you are bored. Set your brain to eat what’s good for you. If you are hungry eat vegetables or a salad.

9.Excuse: I’m too tired
Solution: You are probably too tired because you don’t eat the right foods that give you proper energy. Go to bed early, keep yourself hydrated  and drink a coffee. Just get up and go exercise!

10. Excuse: I can’t afford the gym
Solution: Same as above. You tube gives great videos to work out with your own body weight and be super toned so does a zumba video!

11. Excuse: I don’t know what to eat
Solution: Go to my instagram or facebook page and you’ll find many ideas!

Zumba is a great option to cardio at home. I do it when I can’t go to the gym and im cover in sweat afterwards.  Here is a link to buy it: Zumba Fitness Total Body Transformation DVD
Get working with no excuses!

3 thoughts on “11 excuses that hold you back from a healthy lifestyle

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