Delicious Pots

I made this for dessert on sunday after our delicious pork chops with apple sauce. So simple yet so delicious! NO THEY ARE NOT POT PLANTS! They are silicone molds for deserts like this. You can bake some cupcakes in them and decorate the top as a flower! How cute would that be? So I made a mix for 3 pots exactly. 3 tablespoon of each of the following: greek yoghurt, pb2 (powder peanut butter) you can use normal peanut butter but pb2 has 85% less fat, almond ground or almonf flour, and dark chocolate chips (I cut a normal tablet into little pieces) then mix well check out the consistency you desire, if you want more cake alike texture add more almond ground. Then I topped with a bit more greek yoghurt and a strawberry place in the fridge to set for at least 30 min before serving! Serve and enjoy! To buy pb2 click here:

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