how to get in shape?

Let’s remember where all this started. My first picture on left corner was a month after giving birth to boy number 2 this year back in january.

I can’t remember exactly how much I was weighing but I do remember it was near 80kg that is (12 stone plus or 160 pounds) now I am 58kg (9stone or 118 pounds) When I took that picture I was sure I didn’t want to look like that no way! So it was time to put my knowledge in practice.

 So I started counting calories and planning my meals. This is key for success! Everyone needs different calorie intake! For example if you work delivering the post and riding a bike everyday for hours you will need way more calories than someone who is sitting on an office all morning.

As well as that everyone can take any diet or plan you see online but for example if you are consuming 3000 calories a day and you star a plan that has 1200 you are going to starve and that won’t work for you! Your body will go into starvation mode and retain fat or else you are gonna be too weak you will end up eating more.

 This is why a personalised plan is so important because is the secure and healthy way to go. So if you are consuming 3000 calories you just need to reduce 500 a day to get 2500 and you won’t feel as hungry, your body will be burning the fat AND you will loose fat and get where you want in time and in a healthy way.

 Thats why I want to help you feel better, confident and looking amazing! I am doing 4 week plans with the calories that you need and according to your daily activities, height and weight. I will give you snacks and dinners that are easy to prepare according to your routine, for example if you work in a shop I wont give you a fried egg as a snack as it will be impossible to prepare and you will completely fail and end up eating whatever.

 This will include a shopping list and all the calories you need a day for the full 4 weeks for 50 euros. It would take 5 working days to have your plan ready as I have to work out exactly the grams of macronutrients you need according to your lifestyle.

 I will be tracking your progress weekly and if there’s any changes to be done we will work on them. If you are interested mail me at: I will count your calorie intake by giving me what you eat more or less in 3 to 7 days and work from there.

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