Home Remedies For a Cold


  1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Adding a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with the juice of half a lemon, to a glass of 200ml water, helps to alkalinize the body. Creating an alkaline environment helps kill bacteria and viruses. Start drinking it at the first sign of illness and repeat several times a day until the symptoms subside


2. Raw Garlic As Tablets

These pungent cloves do more than just flavor your food. Garlic also contains allicin, a sulfuric compound that produces potent antioxidants when it decomposes.

A 2001 study in the journal Advances in Therapy found that people who took garlic supplements for 12 weeks between November and February got fewer colds than those who took a placebo. And of those who did get sick, those who took the garlic supplement felt better faster.

Garlic packs the biggest antioxidant punch when eaten raw. This is why I recommend much more to intake garlic in its natural form rather than in a tablet form. And for those who doesn’t know, yes you can buy garlic tablets in any health shop. In my opinion not as effective as raw garlic but Im sure they still do some benefit.

Simply chop up a garlic clove and swallow like a tablet. And no you won’t smell like garlic at all unless you chew it. Jus just swallow and you will be fine!


3. Vitamin C supplements

I will always recommend have natural foods high in vitamin C before recommending any supplements at all, but when your immune system is low, I definitely advice you to supplement with some soluble Vitamin C.

Foods that are high in vitamin C: Citrus fruits, red bell pepper, kiwis, chilli peppers, kale, white potatoes, broccoli, papaya, strawberries, cauliflower, pineapple, mango.

You can also make this: Anti-Viral Vitamin C smoothie


4. Magic healing Tea

This is the classic tea that our mothers and grannies will always recommend us to take and it does work. This tea works very if taken very hot as it help with the decongestion and break any phlegm if any.

Boil some water, add half of a lemon, grated ginger and a tablespoon of honey.

Extras that also work on this tea:
– pinch of cinnamon (very potent antioxidant)
– 2 drops of Oregano oil (natural antibiotic)
– pinch of Turmeric (also natural antibiotic)


5. Green Soup

The darker the greens, the higher the nutrient content. So when you’re shoring up your defenses for cold and flu season, choose boccoli, kale, etc.

Bitter greens may even help relieve chest congestion, sniffles, and coughs. How? It’s not entirely clear, although a 2011 British study found that mice that were fed green vegetables had more infection-fighting white blood cells in their intestines than those who were not.

So for now, I am gone to make this soup and intake all of the above. I hope all this work for you guys as the last thing we want is to be sick. 

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