My March-June Challenge. Back to Fit!

Ok guys, this challenge is a hard one for me because being a health and fitness blogger I think you are expected to never gain weight/always looks lean.

I think that unless you have no kids and work as personal trainer (spending a lot of time in the gym) It is really hard to maintain the same physique all year around!

I am a mom before I am anything else and my boys and my husband are 100% my priority. After that I have been doing 2 courses that have been taking up my free time along with managing my social media. So between being very busy, getting sick, and being very anxious lately, I haven’t been able to loose the Christmas weight! (plus putting some more on)

Yes, I do suffer from anxiety. A bad one. I never talk about it social media because I don’t take medication I only meditate or do my best to control it myself. Sometimes I admire bloggers that go on snapchat to talk about anxiety, I think they either have their anxiety controlled very well or they aren’t as anxious as me because when I am anxious I get so bad that there is no way I would be able to talk about it. Just the thoughts of it makes me breathless!

Anyway, going back to the original point… I need to lose some weight! go back to my fit-lean happy and energetic self.

I already have that after-pregnancy pouch that annoys me so much that if you gain any weight, that extra fat, kind of fit in perfectly in the pouch and it just makes your tummy bigger. Anyone that has it, know what I’m talking about. If you have had babies and you don’t have it, then Im extremely jelaous!


A lot of people asked me on snapchat: How do you gain weight if you eat so healthy? the truth is that YES I genuinely eat so healthy. I haven’t have a takeaway in months and I don’t eat any sweets, cakes or anything like that. But the truth is you can over do your calories with healthy food as much as you can with unhealthy food!

You remember that matcha pie I made before Valentines? Yes it had mostly clean healthy ingredients but I pretty much ate the whole thing no joke! Those slices I ate were easily 3k calories! so you can imagine, If ate all those calories in top of my normal intake it was not going to be good!

The truth is, I don’t need to cut foods out of my diet, I only need to eat until I’m full. Eating above that it just leads me to no-good!

I don’t believe in eating 1200 calories a day is way too little, it makes me hungry and it is not healthy. I HAVE DONE IT BEFORE! (NOT GOOD!) I have also ate 1800 a day and felt great and I think I looked pretty much the same than eating very little!

My goal is a mix of mostly good foods, eating 5 or 6 times a day. It works amazingly well for me! with exercise of course! so thats what I want to go back to…

The truth is I hate being restricted. Last year before I went home (Mexico) I was in the best shape I have been since I came to live in Ireland (not blaming Ireland and its perfect bread at all).
And in that period I was never restricted at all I was just good at measuring portions. I remember back then I used to get messages saying “how can you eat that and be in shape?” and no, its not good genetics. my current shape says it all! I ate a healthy pie and few extra nuts and I gained weight!

Anyway, lets stop complaining and lets get to the point!

My meals! My meals roughly will be the following. IF things changes day to day you can follow my journey on snapchat for inspiration. (Snapchat: Momfitnessdiary)


Breakfast: My breakfast Monday to Friday is 30 grams of oats with 10 grams of oat bran, prepared with almond milk. Topped with macs powder, seeds, blueberries and honey

Over the weekend my breakfast is always eggs in some shape of form, 2 slices of toast (usually bagels), avocado, vegetarian sausages


Mid Morning snack: A piece of any fruit or a smoothie. If I make a smoothie, I would only add 2 portions of fruit (i.e.. 1 banana, 1 apple, spinach, almond milk). If its a piece of fruit would be: 1 orange, grapes, 2 kiwis, 1 cup of grapes or strawberries, etc


Lunch: 1 egg, 1 bagel, 1/2 avocado, tomatos, crispy kale or a vegetarian sandwich or vegetarian sausages with toast and beans


Evening snack: rice cakes or another piece of fruit with almond or cashew butter. Alternatively I would have a bit of any healthy recipe I made for my blog. For example, 1 or 2 cookies of my wholemeal cookies, or 2 energy balls, or a slice of my healthy carrot cake, etc.


Dinner: My dinners are usually vegetarian and my usual dishes are:

  • Pinto beans with brown rice and lots of veggies
  • Chickpea curry with couscous
  • Vegetarian burgers with veggies
  • Pasta Bake
  • Black Beans with quinoa
  • My carrot-lentil coconut soup
  • Lentil Dahl
  • Frittata
  • Vegan Shepperds pie

(Most of those recipes are on the blog on the recipe section) I still need to add the pasta bake one but I will this week. Promise!


After work-out Snack: Is usually yogurt, (alpro, glenisk, liberte,) with hemp seeds, some sweetener (sweet freedom) and nuts

For exercise:

I will continue with more or less this: exercises

And as I am doing the VHI run on the June bank holiday I am training for that. So my training schedule will be the following:

Monday: Legs

Tuesday: Run

Wednesday: Bicep-tricep-shoulder

Thursday: Run

Friday: Back and chest

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Run

I actually have a group of Facebook sharing running tips for the marathon if you would like to join it please do. I haven’t share anything in the last month because I wasn’t running at all but I will be back at it now. click HERE to join!

I really hope this tips help any of you!. I am not doing any extreme diets as they don’t work and you sacrifice your mental health! I will continue to have my cheat meal on a Saturday and If I crave a little chocolate or vegan ice-cream every now and then I will for sure have it! Also have in mind that my cheat meal goes with some vino!


Believe me, following the foods above has had me in TOP shape and that is without being/feeling  restrictive so IT DOES WORK!

I hope it works for you and you don’t give up, and most importantly your mental health is is in top shape. Because without working on that one you can fail on anything else! so please mind yourself!  love your body and be happy!




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