My first trimester

Finally my first trimester is gone. In my opinion and experience is the most difficult time in pregnancy. Because is when you have to make sure you do everything right as it is a vital time for the formation of your baby.

Not to mention the sickness, the stuffy nose, the tiredness, the stress and anxiety of wondering if everything is ok.

I think when you are pregnant, you also want to know how other pregnancies are getting on. And compare your symptoms and share tips and all that, so here is my experience so far, hope you guys enjoy this read.

And if you have any tips for me or questions, comment below or message in any of my social media channels.


I started to take folic acid since the start of the summer as I was like I’m gonna think about the whole summer about planning another pregnancy. You know if we were ready, if we could afford it etc.

So after talking about it with my husband we had now to hope we were able to conceive and all that.

I have to say I knew I was pregnant 3 days later. My breasts were sore to a point that I have never felt I just felt it. I told someone close to me and she was like “you are nuts there is no way” then a week or so later, 5 days before my period I decided to take a pregnancy test. Because in the packaging said you could, so I did and it was negative. I was sad and I was like is fine we’ll try again…

Then I had a missed period. Took the second test and it was positive! So I took that picture above with the teddy to treasure for ever! I gave the news to my husband and we were both in bed crying with happiness…


My very first pregnancy turned into a miscarriage. And unless you have been through one, nobody understands that non of your pregnancies are ever the same as the fear is always there.

So my doctor send me to the early pregnancy unit for piece of mind. I went in at 6 weeks. They took blood tests 2 days before on my GP and they did it again that day in the hospital, to compare pregnancy levels. As it is a good way to see pregnancy is progressing.

They also do a scan. So I went in the scan and even though she should have done an internal scan (as it is too early on pregnancy is easier to see baby) but she just did it abdominal. And she couldn’t see anything so as you can imagine I imagine the worst. Then the doctor calls me in to tell me my levels raised but didn’t double.

I left there in bits. They told me to come back in 2 weeks unless I had bleeding or pain to come straight away. I cried the whole way back home. I went home and literally crashed in the couch to cry.

I thought this is it. Is going to be a loss. Then days passed by and the 2 weeks came by. Had no pains or bleeding so I went back to the early pregnancy unit. The first thing they told me was: ” I can see your levels doubled the last time so that’s really good” I was like WHAT? No, the doctor told me last time they raised but didn’t doubled! She was like no I have the results here and I can see they did. I was really confused.

They did the scan and the heart beat was there! I again cried with happiness I couldn’t believe it. To this point it has been just a rollercoaster of emotions.

I was 8 weeks at this point. And this is when the sickness kicked up properly. So from here on getting sick everyday. Became part of my day.

A midwife once told me “the sicker you are, the healthier your baby is” so everyday this gave me peace and the sickness would be more bareable

After this, it was all about trying to hide it, and wait anxiously for my 12 week scan so I could tell everyone.


Now I am still extremely tired. I get up in the morning and after breakfast all I want to do is sleep.

My breast are extremely sore an big, I didn’t experience this with my boys. Not this extent anyway.

I’ve notice my bra has dry bits every time I change it. Seemely is milk? Well google told me so! So not sure!

My nose is so stuffed is annoying! I can’t barely breathe is horrible.

Aside from that I’m feeling very good and very happy to be able to get pregnant again. I’m enjoying this pregnancy so much.

I also found this pillow in mother care that has helped me so much to sleep better at night time:

As fake as the picture might look I was actually fast asleep and husband took the picture! I swear! But great representation for the pillow. I paid €56.99 i know, a bit pricey but it is actually worth it. I read cheaper versions go very flat so decided to spend the money on this one!


Absolutely! I did on my 2 previous pregnancies and will do it again! I actually can’t comprehend why would anybody not find out haha!

If my husbands agrees to know as well I will for sure share it with you all.


The first semester I went to the gym twice I really wasn’t feeling up for it! Too tired and too sick!

But now I’m trying to re take my routine and this is what I am doing:

Monday- Legs

Tuesday- 30 min walk

Wednesday- arms

Thursday- 30 min walk

Friday- back and chest

Weekend- rest

I will be sharing my routines as I go along as they change! But muscle groups will stay as above.


My diet wasn’t good at the start as I kept getting sick and I was too nauseous. But now I’m eating super healthy and not restricting myself.

Here is an example of my daily diet:

Breakfast: porridge with blueberries and seeds

Mid morning snack: fruit smoothie

Lunch: bagel with avocado and 2 eggs

Evening snack: banana or apple with almond butter

Dinner: pasta dish, chickpea curry, lentil dahl or something like that

Late night snack: yogurt and square of dark chocolate

Avoiding coffee and herbal teas, an occasional cup of coffee and usually decaf.

For vitamins, I am taking this:

I’m on week 16

And I’m due 27th of June

And I think thats it. If I think of anything else I will post on next blogpost or if you have any questions, add me on Snapchat: momfitnessdiary

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