Spinach Wraps Recipe and Review


This spinach tortilla wraps are so vibrant and full of flavour. I was vey impressed to see that 43% of the wraps is actual spinach powder wish is a huge percentage.

Also, one tortilla is only 171 kcal and they are very big and filling. Another thing I always take in mind when reading a label is that the fibre is higher than the sugar, in this case fibre is 3.1g and sugars only 1.5. Also, each wrap contains 6g of protein which is very good.

The way I ate this was very simple, I filled them in with raw veggies and hummus.

Here is the recipe:

Ingredients: (per wrap)

1 Tesco Healthy living spinach wrap

Homemade hummus (Recipe Below)

1 carrot per wrap

1/4 red pepper

1/4 yellow pepper

2-3 lettuce leaves

1/2 an avocado

Pinch of sea salt



  1. Simply spread some of the hummus
  2. Add the lettuce leaves
  3. add the rest of the veggies
  4. Roll them very tight
  5. Use some of the hummus to close the wrap
  6. cut in half
  7. enjoy with a mayo-chipotle dip (recipe below)


For the homemade Hummus:

1 can of chickpeas very well drainned

1 tablespoon of olive oil

1 tablespoon tahini

1/2 teaspoon paprika

Juice of 1 lemon

Add all ingredients into your food processor and voila! you have a delicious homemade hummus. (TIP: If mixture its too thick add 1 or 2 tablespoons of water to get desired consistency) season to taste, and decorate with some paprika at the end.


For the ChipotleMayo:

Simply combine 2 tablespoon of low fat mayo + 1 teaspoon of Tesco chipotle paste.



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